Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Women in Business| A Q&A with Liz Jackson

1 January 2012

Dr. Liz Jackson set up Great Guns Marketing at the age of 25, while contending with rapidly deteriorating sight. She went completely blind within a matter of months. Liz has never let this stand in her way, building her business up to an award winning agency. We caught up with Liz Jackson to talk about her passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and women in business.

If you could speak at any event, past or future, what would it be?

Anything with a responsive audience. I particularly enjoy panel discussions when I share the panel with Government Ministers or CEO’s of large organisations. This is best when we take questions from the audience and the panel are a mix of people from various backgrounds expressing different views in response to the questions.

How did the corporate speaking start?

It started in 2003 when I won the national Women Mean Business Award sponsored by T Mobile and The Sunday Express. I received a lot of PR as a result and then had a call from a lady in Dubai asking me to go and speak at an event called Entrepreneurs in Dubai.

Which event has been your favourite and why?

There’s been loads of great ones but one that stands out was speaking for the Institute of Travel and Tourism in Gran Canaria. I shared the platform with Charles Kennedy and Bill Bryson and the audience were very charismatic travel people who were responsive to the talks. The hotel and location were stunning. The whole thing was a huge success!

Who would you most like to share a platform with?

Happy with pretty much anyone really. I’d like to meet Simon Cowell or Richard Branson so sharing a platform with either of them would be pretty special.

What are the most asked for topics?

Inspiration, motivation, leadership, customer services, entrepreneurship and how to increase sales, telemarketing.

Is your speech interactive with audience participation?

I often ask a couple of questions during main talk, but most of the time I do a Q&A session when I have finished speaking.

Do you have any funny/embarrassing speaking anecdotes you care to share?

Maybe the funniest one was when I was speaking with Charles Kennedy in Gran Canaria. He should have been on the same flight as me from Gatwick arriving in Gran Canaria the evening before the conference. It transpired that he had missed the flight but the organisers had arranged another flight at 06:00 in the morning from Heathrow, so he would arrive in time to speak. I received a message in the morning that he had gone to Gatwick instead of Heathrow for the flight and hence would be turning up. It was all reported in the national papers the following day!

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