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Dr. Liz Jackson set up Great Guns Marketing at the age of 25, while contending with rapidly deteriorating sight. She went completely blind within a matter of months. Liz has never let this stand in her way, building her business up to an award winning agency. In her honest and inspiring keynote speeches, 'Secret Millionaire' Liz talks with passion about topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, and women in business.

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"A joy to work with and her story is amazingly motivational. Talks with passion and a real enthusiasm for business. Truly inspirational."
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Dr. Liz Jackson MBE is an inspiring motivational speaker and conference speaker who launched her company over ten years ago in the UK with the help of the Prince of Wales Trust, receiving a £1000 grant.  Liz ran Great Guns Marketing - an outbound business-to-business appointment making agency – for 17 years and can successfully boast a multi-million pound turnover.

Starting up Great Guns Marketing, for Liz especially is an amazing achievement because in the same year she started her business at the age of 25, she lost her sight.  However, this didn’t limit her determination to follow her dreams.  With no advanced educational background, Liz perused her dreams and made success happen. She truly is an inspirational figure, her service to business was recognised in 2007 as she was awarded an MBE for her incredible achievements.  As a motivational speaker Liz speaks with candour from a place of experience and knowledge.

Great Guns Marketing won the Customer Focused Award at the National Business Awards, as being the company that best demonstrated its ability to place the customer at the heart of its business. These prestigious awards were described by Gordon Brown as the Business Oscars.

Liz won the Women Mean Business Award – Britain’s biggest award dedicated to women running their own businesses.  The award is designed to recognize the growing importance of independent businesswomen to both the economy and the community.

After leaving the company she founded Liz has now moved onto a new position as the Marketing Director for leading business sales advisor for BCMS. This experience constantly ensures Liz understands the challenges and pressures of modern business, values that she can transfer to the corporate circuit.

Well versed on the speaking circuit, Liz has spoken at a variety of business functions, spreading her expertise and message of support for both the economy and local communities.

Her speaking topics include:

- Telemarketing

- Sales and communication

- Understanding the value of business and when best to sell

- Business innovation and motivation

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  • "A joy to work with and her story is amazingly motivational. Talks with passion and a real enthusiasm for business. Truly inspirational."
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