Interview An Interview with Mike Southon

An Interview with Mike Southon

Mike Southon is a top entrepreneurial business speaker and conference facilitator, delivering over 100 presentations every year.

Mike Southon

Who would you most like to share a platform with?

Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

How did the corporate speaking start?

The Beermat Entrepreneur was published in 2002, it became an instant best seller and I then became a full-time professional speaker.

Can you remember your first speaking engagement?

Yes, it was at the launch of The Beermat Entrepreneur, a charity event for The Prince’s Trust (who also get a royalty from our book) at the Palace Theatre in London for around 1,750 people.

And your last event?

An after-dinner talk on ‘intrapreneurship’ (entrepreneurship in large organisations).

Which event has been your favourite and why?

The Entrepreneur Business School in Bali – amazing location, great audience and the first time I delivered what became ‘Something About The Beatles.’

If you could speak at any event, past or future, what would it be?

The main TED event or The World Economic Forum in Davos.

On average, how many times a year do you speak at corporate events?

Over 100.

Do you use PowerPoint?

Yes, because Something About The Beatles contains videos and music.

Are you as happy speaking to 50 as to 1,000 people?


How do you like to be introduced?

“Financial Times columnist and best-selling business author, Mike Southon”.

Do you always like to do a briefing call before the event?

Yes, this is essential.

What are the most asked for topics?

Entrepreneurship, enterprise creativity and innovation in small and large organisations.

Do you have any funny/embarrassing speaking anecdotes you care to share?

Best stage stories are as my alter-ego Mike Fab-Gere - broke my leg on stage, but finished the show before going to hospital.

Your favourite film?

The Usual Suspects.

Favourite book?

One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Country or townie?

Definitely a city boy - I love London.

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