Interview An Interview With Miranda Brawn

An Interview With Miranda Brawn

What inspired you to become a fervent champion of diversity?

I would like to see real equality and inclusion in the 21st Century. Hence, I want to do everything that I can to help increase diversity not only in Britain, but globally! This is why I use every opportunity that I can to promote diversity.

Why is diversity important to Britain?

Companies with more diverse workforces are more profitable and effective according to a McKinsey 'Why Diversity Matters' Report in 2015. Britain’s society is undergoing rapid demographic change and this needs to be reflected more in the workplace to enable better financial performance which, in turn, will improve Britain’s economic growth. In addition, a focus on diversity and leadership can be transformative to help increase all forms of diversity (not just race and gender) in many sectors of Britain’s workforce to enable real equality.

What do you see as the way forward for closing the diversity gap in Britain?

A good start is to raise your voice and raise the awareness about this issue within your own community and/or company. There is a growing need for initiatives to be launched to help close the diversity gap. I have acted upon this by launching my own initiative called the 'Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship' and 'Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture'. The Scholarship includes up to £1,000 funding, mentoring and work experience, while the Lecture will help to inspire the next generation to start thinking about diversity early. Dedicated to helping the next generation of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) future leaders, both male and female aged between 14 and 21, this initiative provides an incentive and opportunity to help such individuals prepare themselves for a successful career. Similar initiatives can be launched to help increase other forms of diversity in Britain. I have already seen this happen from since the launch of my Scholarship so it is great to be able to lead with this and have others follow in my footsteps.

What’s the best business advice you have been given?

To listen! The best business leaders are the greatest listeners.

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