Dynamic Diversity Speakers to Inspire your Team

Harin Vinumon 10 August 2023

Black History Month serves as a reminder of the extensive impact that black individuals have had in shaping our world. They have had a great impact in a variety of sectors and industries and possess an abundance of experience that can help inspire and provide insights to your team. Therefore, hiring a diversity speaker will not only help you to gain valuable insights but also help to break any unconscious biases. Thus, we will recommend a wide selection of diversity speakers who can empower and educate your team.

June Sarpong OBE

June has had an illustrious 20-year career, becoming a prominent figure in British television. Starting as a presenter on Kiss 100 and MTV UK & Ireland, she gained widespread recognition on Channel 4's T4. She has hosted significant events like Make Poverty History, Live Earth, and Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday celebrations and has worked closely with HRH Prince Charles as an ambassador for the Prince's Trust. Additionally, she co-founded the WIE Network, an acclaimed conference featuring influential speakers, and authored three award-winning books, including "Diversify: Six Degrees of Integration," "The Power of Women," and "The Power of Privilege."

David Olusoga

David Olusoga is a renowned British-Nigerian historian, broadcaster, and filmmaker. He has created several acclaimed TV series, including "Black and British: A Forgotten History," "The World's War," "A House Through Time," and "Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners." As an accomplished author, he has written award-winning books like "Black & British: A Forgotten History" and "The World's War," and he has contributed to important publications such as The Guardian, The Observer, and BBC History Magazine. David is also one of the presenters on the BBC's influential Arts series, "Civilisations” and has contributed to the Oxford Companion to Black British History.

Caroline Flanagan

Caroline Flanagan is a successful CEO, two-time author, and creator of the Imposter Speech™. As an inspirational keynote speaker and coach, she works with international law firms and organisations, empowering women and people of colour in leadership while tackling Imposter Syndrome and promoting Allyship. Caroline's dedication to diversity and empowerment is evident in her books, podcasts, and global impact.

Oona King

Oona King is a prominent broadcaster, writer, and life peer as Baroness King of Bow in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. She has a diverse background, having served as Head of Diversity at Channel 4 and currently holding the position of Diversity Director at YouTube. With extensive political experience and a track record of championing diversity and inclusion initiatives, Oona is a compelling keynote speaker well-suited to address a wide range of topics, including current affairs, diversity, trade, commerce, and peace measures.

Karen Blackett OBE

Karen is an accomplished business leader known for her ability to foster vibrant cultures, motivate teams, and drive business growth. She currently holds the position of U.K President of WPP, the world's largest marketing services group, and has previously served as U.K. CEO of GroupM. Karen's achievements include receiving an OBE in 2014 and being appointed as a Non-Executive Director for Diageo, a FTSE Top 100 company. Besides her professional accomplishments, she is a devoted single mother and enjoys spending time in Barbados, her spiritual "home," along with her two beloved dogs, Bob Marley and Missy Elliot.

Above are a small selection of our exceptional diversity speakers. You can see even more HERE.

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