Edinburgh Fringe Round Up 2022

Nick Gold 5 September 2022

After a hiatus in 2020 and a limited lineup in 2021, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was back to full strength in 2022.

With almost 50,000 (!) performers taking to the stage throughout August, it’s impossible to see everyone, no matter how well you plan your trip to the Fringe. So here are some of the must-see speakers and comedians from this year’s festival.

Nina Conti

Ventriloquism isn’t a standard comedy act these days, which makes Nina a stand-out act in itself — but her mastery of the skill and sharp, rapid-fire routine is what earns her so many five-star reviews. This year’s Fringe show, The Dating Show, is no exception.

Along with her monkey puppet, Nina Conti is an Edinburgh Fringe stalwart. But while she’s a regular on the comedy circuit, she also performs at private events. So if you want to give your event an unforgettable finish, find out more about booking Nina Conti as an after dinner speaker.

Yuriko Kotani

A relative newcomer to the Edinburgh Fringe, Yuriko Kotani first performed there in 2019 — just a year before the Fringe went on a temporary hiatus. But her 2022 show, Kaiju About, shows that we’ve been missing out.

She’s been described as a “quietly brilliant comic” who has a “magical way” of telling stories — with elements of horror and fantasy interspersed throughout her show. While Yuriko is still up-and-coming, expect to see a lot more of her on the comedy circuit.

Simon Brodkin

Perhaps best known as his character Lee Nelson, Simon Brodkin is one of the biggest names at this year’s Fringe Festival. But performing under his own name seems to have worked out for him — his 2022 Fringe show, Screwed Up, has received rave reviews.

In this “blistering” stand-up show, Simon runs the gamut of stunts, arrests, and pranks he’s pulled throughout his career with likeability and honesty. It’s these traits that make him a popular speaker, too — so if you enjoy his stand-up, find out more about hiring Simon Brodkin as an event host.

Tiff Stevenson

Tiff Stevenson is a familiar face for many comedy fans, and a regular on the Fringe circuit. She first performed in Edinburgh back in 2006, and we saw her show Bombshell in 2017. This year her show — Sexy Brain — is unmissable.

Tiff has been diagnosed with ADHD. Her show styles itself as “a study in trying to see all sides of every argument and driving yourself slowly mad in the process.” So it’s a must-see for anyone coming to terms with a similar diagnosis (as well as pretty much all comedy fans).

Leo Reich

Leo Reich’s Fringe debut was delayed by the pandemic — but it’s been well worth the wait. His show Literally Who Cares? has dazzled reviewers and audiences alike, tearing into the self-described “bleakness” of his own generation.

Laden with Bo Burnham-esque songs and a world-weary irony, Leo’s debut success means you can expect to see him entertaining Fringe audiences for many festivals to come.

Njambi McGrath

“Njambi's hour of political comedy is the Attenborough of Kenyan history.” So reads the description of Njambi McGrath’s show, Black Black — so if you’re a fan of satire, political humour, and exquisite storytelling, you’ll love this show.

Following up on a performance last year that our team described as “thought-provoking, informative and hilarious all at the same time,” Njambi continues to keep audiences laughing with her unique brand of storytelling. Storytelling is at the heart of any great performance — and Njambi’s show is a masterclass in the art.

Hal Cruttenden

Three-time Chortle Award nominee Hal Cruttenden is back at the Fringe with a new show about, well, his divorce. It’s Best You Hear It From Me tackles this classic comedy subject with a darker demeanour than Hal’s fans might be used to. But it works brilliantly, making this one of the must-see shows of the Fringe.

Hal’s sharpness and wit make him a fantastic speaker for all kinds of audiences. Check out Hal Cruttenden’s speaker profile to find out more.

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