Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

9 July 2014

As Scotland gears up for the Commonwealth Games, the floodlight centres on its largest city, Glasgow - a vibrant, thriving European centre for sport, culture and business, and soon to be the temporary home of international superstars and household names including Ussain Bolt and Mo Farah, as they go for gold in the 2014 Commonwealth games.

Whilst the infrastructure may be in place, including the athlete’s village and the Chris Hoy Cycling Arena, Glasgow’s PR machine is yet to kick into gear. Ask anyone south of the border what they associate with the city, you’re bound to hear tales of stag weekends resulting in midnight fried Mars Bars, and shady encounters with local Neds; chatty taxi drivers, and unintelligible conversations with all humans encountered. What is less known, is the gentle and beautiful spirit of the city, brimming with stunning architecture and bustling with innovative business and golden-hearted residents.

With a vision to “stage an outstanding, athlete centred and sport focused Games of world-class competition which will be celebrated across the Commonwealth, generate enormous pride in Glasgow and Scotland, and leave a lasting legacy,” the team has to switch focus from the negative stereotypes to the impressive reality.

With only weeks to go until the biggest names in sport hit Scotland’s largest city, proud Weegies can only display their warmest, heartiest welcome to the world, and hope that the thousands of international visitors and viewers will leave Glasgow with a true impression of one of the most historically and culturally rich cities in Europe.

London 2012 churned out some of the best known sportsmen and women of a generation, and many of them have experiences that make them inspirational and highly sought-after corporate speakers, including Anna Watkins and Steve Williams OBE.

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