How To Select An External Speaker For Your First In-Person Team Meeting in 2021

Nick Gold 22 March 2021

It seems the mood of the moment is cautiously optimistic; there is a feeling that we can see some structure of plans for re-integration of the world we have been living in for the last year alongside the world of physical human interactions we are all craving. We understand the road ahead will have its twists and turns as the journey is navigated but we go forward with a cautious optimism to better times that lie ahead.

From a team perspective, thoughts turn to the first time either the whole team or a hybrid mix of physical and virtual team members are together. While the consensus is that remote working has been a notable success, there is no doubt that the in-person meetings bring experiences, dynamics and bonding opportunities which surpass the virtual experience. While they have been deeply missed, businesses need to start looking forward and developing coherent and robust strategic pathways to bring teams back together.

For anyone planning that first meeting there will be plenty to consider. The meeting should be upbeat while acknowledging the struggles everyone has been (and continue) to go through. It should celebrate the re-convergence of the team while acknowledging the amazing steps everyone went to as they were thrust in this new working environment. But mostly it should come as a communal experience, something shared that bonds the team together and gives them something positive which they can frame their conversations around, rather than it be a retrospective look at how difficult times have been.

As such, the role of an external influence or speaker into this mix comes every more to the forefront. With lack of clarity of exactly how workplace guidelines and perhaps some natural hesitancy to being back in the room with colleagues again, there will be also natural excitement to be back together. Binding the team together through stories, moments that everyone can laugh, cry, gasp and think together, provide that foundation for the team to feel comfortable and positive in each other’s company once again.

The critical element to this is making the sure the speaker delivers on every part of the journey. They should be warm and welcoming; they should be able to share their story, the highs and the lows, they should understand the stars of the meeting are the people in the room not just the person at the front of the room. This first meeting and the impact of the speaker will set the tone, the environment and the foundations for the team to regroup, refocus and to look forwards.

In that first gathering, the event or meeting organiser should focus less on imparting knowledge or expertise, whether that be the economic, political or business, but more on the motivation and inspiration to frame and contextualise the individuals and the team as a whole to understand the business is moving forward, is prepared and is ready to create momentum leading to success.

The meeting organiser has to consider what the short to medium term objectives of the business will be and then marry that up with having a firm grasp on the personalities within the team. These requirements can then be considered alongside the shortlist of speakers. By understanding how the shortlist of speakers present to audiences will ensure they select the right speaker whose message and delivery will resonate with their audience.

A successful speech is not something that impact solely in the moment but has impact beyond the meeting. The speaker will leave us pondering out thoughts and actions, provoked by the challenges they pose the audience to get us thinking and lead us forward to better futures. That first meeting has all the hallmarks to lay the platform for a successful reintegration of the virtual and physical worlds together, with consideration of all the variables alongside expert guidance and advice, the right speaker will turn that first meeting into something memorable and magical for all those being part of it.

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