How To Use Change As A Spark For Innovation In Business | A Q&A with Declan Curry

16 December 2019

At the October 2019 Knowledge Guild, we spoke to Declan Curry, a familiar face on our TV screens, working for BBC One’s “Breakfast”, “Working Lunch”, and a range of programmes for BBC Radio 5 Live.

We caught up with him backstage to chat about how he remains optimistic and how to use change and uncertainty as the spark for innovation in your business.

We're in polarising times, what is the unifying message you can leave an audience with when it comes to the future?

A great unifying message for an audience in this time of great uncertainty and argument and fuss is to remain optimistic, look ahead to the future and see the opportunities where they lie. Yes, there is great uncertainty around us, but it is that uncertainty that is the spark for innovation.

You've been explaining business and the economy for more than two decades, how do you plan for unprecedented change in difficult times?

In the 20 - 30 years that I’ve been talking about business and the economy, I don’t think things have been changing faster than they are today and I think don’t think that things have been as uncertain as they have. For businesses to stay ahead of that, it’s an enormous challenge to do it by being smart. By thinking clearly about what is on the horizon and not get distracted by day to day stuff and by making sure that they find and secure and motivate the best talented people that they can. In the future it’s all about knowledge.

How would you describe your role as facilitator on stage, and what preparation do you do beforehand to make this work?

With audiences it’s my role to make sure that they get the information that’s most directly relevant to them. That they clearly understand what it is the speakers are saying and they have information they can take away with them and also to involve them in the discussion where that’s appropriate. You often find that speakers shine and sparkle far more when they’re responding to an audience that’s engaged in the whole process.

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