Interview With Rasmus Ankersen

1 January 2012

What do you do to ensure your presentation has lasting impact?

I combine compelling story telling with science. People will not remember facts if they are not wrapped into a compelling story. I have a unique story to tell because I am the only speaker in the world who has literally lived and trained with the worlds best athletes and their coaches. I try to make my presentation authentic by actually taking people on a journey, being their travel guide and coaching taking them into these gold mines of world class performance.

How did your corporate speaking begin?

When I wrote my first book "the DNA of a winner" organisations (sales departments, executives and HR) started to reach out to me interested in hearing more about how they could apply the thinking behind the book to their cultures. From here it went step by step, I spoke at companies and was either brought back to do workshops or recommended to other organisations. Several tv appearances and new bestselling books also helped raising my speaking profile.

Which event has been your favourite ever and why?

Last week I did a three hours workshop for all European Partners in Boston Consulting Group, probably the best consulting house in the world. It was extremely challenging and a test of how well my ideas applied to people with decades of experience in teaching the best companies in the world how to win.

If you could speak at any event , past or future what would it be?

TED (, the main stage at Long Beach.

What are you most frequently requested speaking topics?

Talent Management Recruitment High Performance Cultures Leadership

What can a typical corporate audience learn from your experiences?

They learn because I provide them with an outside perspective on how to develop high performance. It is not just another corporate power point presentation. It is practical and from a different world, but with very clear take aways and relevance to the corporate world. You learn much more from hearing about how a 150 kilo heavy statistician from Jamaica has built the worlds most successful athletic club by recruiting athletes that nobody else wanted and making them world class - than you learn from a corporate presentation with processes and business clichés.

Who would you most like to share a platform with?

Anthony Robbins - I would like to measure myself again the worlds best and most experienced speaker

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