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Marc Priestley’s thrilling insights into the F1 business model are unique, eye-opening, and pertinent for multiple industries. As a keynote, after dinner and motivational speaker, Marc draws on his experience at McLaren Racing to share what the motor racing sport can teach us about key areas of business, including marginal gains, image management, rapid productivity, and data analysis.

C: £5K - £10K

Imagine working in an industry where a mere 0.1 of a second makes all the difference.

Marc Priestley’s unique insights into the world of Formula One are as thrilling as the sport itself—one where changing four tyres just a fraction more quickly could make Lewis Hamilton a World Champion.

Like in all businesses, teamwork, communication and strategy are vital for success on the race track.

Indeed, as a keynoteafter dinner  and  motivational  speaker, Marc is perfectly placed to demonstrate how the world of motor racing shares core principles with other industries—especially areas such as marginal gains, image management, rapid productivity, and data analysis.

A decade as a race mechanic on the McLaren Racing pit crew, Marc draws on his deep knowledge of the F1  business  model to relate its valuable propositions to audiences with eye-opening perceptiveness.

Having worked with household names and champions including Jenson Button, Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard , Marc knows what working in a team with the world’s greatest drivers requires: the perspective from the pit is undeniably tense, requiring teamwork, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to fling oneself into lightning speed action.

Facing cars approaching at enormous speeds while millions watch expecting perfection, Marc explains how a pit crew coming together in perfect synchronicity despite extreme pressure is the only thing the driver can rely on to complete a race safely—and to win.

As well as the crucial role played by every team member in achieving vital marginal gains, Marc emphasises how making use of  'big data'  can predict competitors’ decisions and help individuals optimise their strategy--a resource that helped McLaren win at Monte Carlo.

Exemplifying how short deadlines and high performance can be accomplished with the right strategy and culture, Marc contributes his F1 acumen to various publications both online and in print. He has also been a pit-lane reporter for Sky and BBC Radio 5Live, and a pundit on ITV’s coverage of the new Formula E electric racing series.

His speaking topics include:

- Leaders as visible figureheads – image management

- High performance under pressure

- Team ethos and synchronicity

- Marginal gains and rapid productivity

- Data analysis: strategy optimisation

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