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Harin Vinumon 23 August 2023

In the dynamic landscape of the business world, a key catalyst for success is to have exceptional leadership. A clear structure that is accompanied with the right level of motivation can propel your team to greater heights. Here’s where our leadership speakers take the stage! Drawing from their incredible experience and expertise, our leadership speakers can share their incredible advice and insights to help your team to succeed. Therefore, this blog aims to provide a variety of great speakers, whose expertise can help your organization to thrive!

Isabel Aguilera

Isabel is a seasoned consultant with a strong background in strategy, sustainability, and innovation, having held management roles at major companies like Google, Dell, and Vodafone. With a diverse skill set including teaching, writing, and entrepreneurship, she's renowned for guiding transformation and innovation in management. As a former CEO of Google Iberia and General Electric Spain and Portugal, Isabel is an accomplished international speaker whose topics range from leadership to technology challenges in the 21st century.

Antonio Fernandez

Antonio Fernandez, former leader of the largest U.S. street gang, the Latin Kings, transformed the gang from criminal to community force, expanding its membership from 2,000 to 7,000. Through innovative approaches like involving women, renaming to The Latin Kings and Queens (LK&Q), and organizing TED-style events, he turned the gang into a positive political influence. Antonio's inspiring journey, highlighted in academic papers and "The Misfit Economy" book, drives his impactful talks to global audiences on themes of innovation, leadership, and grassroots change.

Charles Dunstone

Charles Dunstone is a highly regarded business speaker, known for his charismatic and motivational style. Co-founder of The Carphone Warehouse, chairman of Dixons Carphone and TalkTalk group, he’s celebrated as a dynamic UK entrepreneur who built a thriving UK communications retail business from scratch. From humble beginnings as a computer salesman, Charles identified untapped potential in mobile communications for small businesses, shaping his success story with values like simplicity and customer service.

Jean Tomlin

Jean Tomlin, HR Director behind the successful London 2012 Olympic Games, orchestrated a team of 200,000 staff and volunteers. She continues her impact as founder of Chanzo consultancy and holds non-exec positions at notable boards like Sainsbury's and Michael Kors. With a diverse career spanning roles at Egg, Prudential, and Marks & Spencer, Jean's expertise in HR, change management, and leadership make her a sought-after speaker in those domains.

Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra is a revered sportsman, successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and influential social media personality. Rising from a challenging background, he overcame adversity to become a football sensation, notably excelling with Manchester United and Juventus. Evra's journey is marked by triumphs over personal hardships, and his multifaceted endeavours include advocating for ending violence against children, promoting gender equality, spreading positivity through "I Love This Game," and addressing racism and mental health in football.

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