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Sir Charles Dunstone founded The Car Phone Warehouse back in 1989 with just £6000 and a lot of determination. With a fundamental understanding of the telcoms industry, Sir Charles Dunstone grew Carphone Warehouse one of the largest mobile communications retailers. Sir Charles Dunstone is a  charismatic, motivational and interesting business speaker.

B: £10K - £15K

Charles Dunstone is a charismatic, motivational and interesting business speaker, a perfect guest for any business orientated engagement.

Charles is the co-founder of the phenomenally successful company, The Carphone Warehouse, and the chairman of the electrical and telecommunications retailer, Dixons Carphone and the chairman of TalkTalk Group.

Charles is widely respected and admired as one of the UK's most dynamic entrepreneurs. A charismatic and engaging figure, he presides over the UK's leading independent communications specialist retailer; a company he has built up from scratch in less than ten years. An Observer survey rated him as the 124th most powerful person in the UK, and previously he has been listed on The Time Rich List.

After Charles left school, he got a job as a computer salesman, first with Torch Computers in Cambridge and then with NEC, the Japanese communications giant. At NEC, Charles moved from computers into the mobile communications division.

While working there he identified the huge growth potential among small and medium-sized businesses which were being poorly served by the mobile communications industry.

In 1989, he seized his opportunity, he started selling mobile phones out of his flat on Marylebone Road and at 25 he set up the Carphone Warehouse with just his savings of £6,000.

After developing the company into a multi-national, highly successful brand, Charles floated the company on the London Stock Exchange, valuing it at £1.7 billion based on a 200p price per share. The co-founder likes to be seen as a man who does things differently. Carphone Warehouse prides itself on offering simple, impartial advice.

Although Carphone Warehouse was not the first of its kind, but Charles took a simple idea and ensured it was implemented with the highest quality of customer service and commitment to his company values. He is now known as one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in Europe.

Prior to 1989, Dunstone worked for NEC for four years as a sales manager. Additionally, he has been Deputy Chairman and Non-Executive Director of HBOS PLC.  Further positions included Independent Non-Executive Director of Daily Mail & General Trust PLC and member of the audit committee.

Charles serves as a Non-Executive Director of Independent Media Distribution PLC and as a member of The Prince's Trust Trading Council.

He is also the chairman of electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company Dixons and the chairman of the TalkTalk Group.

As a leading player in the competitive field of retail telecommunications, Charles has spoken at numerous high-calibre conferences and educated audiences on how to own and manage a successful business.

Charles has great insight into how the telecommunications market will progress into the twenty-first century and how customer service can make the difference in a competitive environment.

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