#MondayMotivation @ The Knowledge Guild

19 February 2016

Continuing with our programme of Knowledge Guild events we are back at partners, The Brewery, in the City of London for our latest showcase with this event's theme being on Motivation .

Coming at a time when most are battling the January and February blues , and coming on one of Twitters most popular hashtags #MondayMotivation .

We have pulled together a list of speakers from the worlds of Adventure and Sport who – each alone – would motivate to levels beyond 10 so

Monday could prove to be an inspirational overflow ensuring safe passage to Spring and encourage ideas for positive change going forward.

So which Motivational Speakers do we have?

A national Rugby hero, Sir Clive Woodward , whose philosophies for winning and creating high-performance teams resonate across both the sporting and corporate worlds; An icon for adventurers, Bonita Norris , who is the youngest British woman to reach the top of Everest - managing this with no previous climbing experience, and legendary extreme swimmer, Lewis Pugh , who in highlighting environmental issues swam across stretches of sea in both the North Pole and The Arctic.

Hosting is One of Britain's most versatile TV presenters, Mark Durden-Smith , who always goes the extra mile to entertain audiences with his charm and spontaneous wit.

To follow the event on the night please go to the  Speakers Corner Twitter feed  looking out for hashtag:  #knowledgeguild .

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