News Nina Conti Pilot for New Show

Nina Conti Pilot for New Show

Comedian, Nina Conti is piloting a new TV entertainment show called ‘Speak for Yourself’ a new game show which may appear on BBC One in 2014.

The show is not dissimilar for Mr and Mrs Smith, it will involve puppets and Nina will be the host of the show. The couples will aim to show that they know each other inside out in order to win the competition.

Nina will be joined by her puppet friends, Monkey and Granny in order to put couples on the spot, asking them questions about their other halves. The puppets will go out of their way to trick the couples and ask them difficult questions in the hope that they will not know the answers.

‘Speak for Yourself’ will be recorded on the 1st of December at the ITV Studios in Waterloo and the BBC are looking for couples to take part in the pilot episode.

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