Organising Your First In-Person Team Meeting Since Lockdown

27 July 2020

With the UK Government easing lockdown restrictions and employees beginning to return to the office from 1st August there’s a real buzz and energy within the business community that we’ll be uniting our teams together in person for the first time since March.

Managers and department heads can use this opportunity to focus their teams on the key challenges that we will be facing over the coming months.

Whether it’s rebuilding the team culture, inspiring colleagues to tackle the challenges ahead with the optimum mindset, generating creativity and innovation to take the team forwards or simply to re-hone new skills, this first team meeting back post lockdown is vital to get right.

We’re already working with many clients to organize their team meetings so here’s some of our top tips to consider as we plan our return to the workplace.

Teamwork and Communication

For many employees working from home as given them a chance to experience a different work/life balance and many will want to maintain some element once we return to normal. But naturally some of us will crave the structure that an office environment brings.

Team leaders also need to unite their team who have had different lockdown experiences. Some may have been on furlough, others may have worked through the crisis to keep the company afloat. The glue that held the team together pre-pandemic has been broken and a new bond needs to be created.

Every team leader we work with wants a team that communicate effectively, who collaborate and innovate together to meet the targets set. But having spent so long apart physically from each other and with new drivers at play, it’s no surprise we’re working with speakers from the world of sport, business, politics, military and adventure explorers to share their team-building stories to inspire corporate audiences as they return to the workplace.

Insights and Expertise

The pandemic has created new challenges for everybody and we’re all seeking the answers as to what the future holds. We’re hungry for content.

Your team is now a captive audience to hear from an external speaker who has the inside knowledge and expertise to navigate through this period. An external speaker will spark debate, encourage creativity, perhaps inspire to find new opportunities, and most importantly, be available to answer questions.

Do We Have The Right Mindset?

There can be no doubt the pandemic has affected every single one of us and it will continue to in someway shape or form.

We have to recognise this is natural behaviour. However an external speaker will help your team find the right mindset to focus on delivering excellence in your team, regardless of what challenges that may lie in wait.

From motivational to mental health, from adversity to sporting success, an external speaker will use their story and weave in your business goals to deliver a performance which will inspire the team to go forth and conquer.

Leadership Strategy

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary leaders. But, when your team is turning to you for answers, who are you and your peers turning to?
These are unprecedented times. But there are opportunities to discover even while navigating the challenges that appear all around us.

Leadership speakers will not just help unpick what effective leadership, management, teamwork and communication looks like, but use their own story to inspire you, to inspire your teams and lead them to success even during adversity.

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