Rasmus Ankersen Believes Scottish Football Can Improve

8 April 2013

Keynote speaker and talent coach, Rasmus Ankersen believes that Scotland has talent but has not yet been able to develop it further.

Rasmus  has taken trips to Ethiopia, Russia, Kenya, South Korea and Jamaica after which he wrote his book ‘The Gold Mine Effect’. His book explains how talent must be spotted and nurtured and why there are groups of talented athletes from unexpected areas of the world.

Rasmus was speaking to the parents of the children in the Scottish Football’s Association’s high performance programme. He told the audience that ‘First, you have to realise that this is not a talent problem. You have the talent. You just have not identified it or learned how to bring it through.’

He explained that if he were placed in charge of Scottish sport he would start the children earlier and introduce them to sports like gymnastics; this would allow them to have flexible body movement and pursue other sports if football is not their sport of choice.

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