Business Growth Starts With Personal Growth

29 December 2017

This is a blog about growth.

Not Gove as someone recently thought I was saying, that would be a very different subject.

We all know what business growth means, but, truth be told, most of us are never entirely sure that we are achieving our true growth potential. In fact, in my experience, we are not.

There are a lot of component parts to successful growth - customer targeting, relationship building, sales phycology, corporate alignment, messaging hierarchy, product - and they are all vital.

But at the heart of all growth is one simple philosophy.

Business growth starts with personal growth.

My experience is that most people in companies and brands know what to do, they just don’t necessarily do it, perhaps because they’re not motivated, they’re not connected, they’re not aligned, or they don’t realise how important what they do is.

In terms of marketing, maybe they don’t fully understand what the purpose is, or why it is they do what they do.

In sales, there are some skills that need to be learned and developed - how you create urgency, how you create desire, how you fulfill your client’s needs, how you deliver on a timeline.

I cover all those topics at the events, but what happens that’s so important is because of the nature of these immersive brand experiences: people’s perspectives on their role changes.

I’m always saying it’s all very well to think differently, but what I do is help people think together, and as we bring the various puzzle pieces of the company together, there’s a powerful transition where they suddenly click into place.

Everyone comes into the room with a different perspective, and they all leave the room with a shared sense of what they need to do to make the company grow. Even when perhaps the audience has ‘heard it all before', I’ve had some really emotional moments where people are high-fiving and hugging, almost in tears telling me this is the best thing they’ve ever been through and it’s changed their lives - which, for a corporate programme, is quite unbelievable.

The reason why I’m passionate and so in love with this is I am doing what I’ve always said brand experience does - fusing an emotional link between brand and audience that creates behavioral change.

And THAT is very rewarding.

Not only for me, but the companies I’m doing it for.

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