Stress Management: How to Reduce Stress

28 March 2023


Stress affects us all as a natural human response caused by difficult situations. Whether it be relationships, money, a looming deadline, or even an event as prominent as the COVID-19 pandemic, stress is an inevitable outcome of the pressures of daily life.

Not all stress is bad, as (particularly in the workplace) it can act as a source of motivation and stimulation. However, whilst we all respond differently and experience different levels of stress, it can truly become a problem when it begins to have negative impacts on our behaviors, relationships or health.

Whether it be our sleep, appetite or levels of irritability that have been affected, stress and mental health are inextricably linked. For this reason, there is an undeniable need for Stress Management.


Work stress, which is arguably the most pertinent form of stress, occurs when people react to excessive pressures whilst feeling like they don’t have the resources they need to cope with these demands.

Accordingly, stress may cause businesses to experience higher employee sickness absence, lower staff engagement and reduced productivity, as a result of immense work pressure on employees.

However, there are certainly ways that one can help their mind and body become more resilient to daily anxieties and being prepared for periods of stress can make them easier to go through.


Whether it be sticking to a more productive morning routine, getting clearer guidelines on requirements at work or adopting more efficient time management techniques, various stress relief methods can certainly be helpful.

Adequate sleep has been proven to drastically reduce feelings of anxiety by improving your ability to process stress and react in an appropriate way. Furthermore, acts as simple as having a good quality coffee machine in the office, a kitchen stocked with healthy snacks or having a wide open and bright space to work in can cultivate creativity and a sense of calm, ultimately leading to a happier work environment.

Many studies have shown that simply talking to someone we trust about our problems can be profoundly healing – increasing strength and reducing emotional distress. By verbalizing our emotions, we become less reactive and more mindfully aware.


Ensuring that employees feel valued and trusted, giving them time to rest and refresh and allowing for flexibility, has proven to help reduce work-related stress.

Therefore, discussing your workload with your manager may be beneficial in order to set realistic targets about how you can solve the issues you’re having.

When you set unachievable goals, they can create excessive pressure and leave you feeling like a failure. It is essential to keep them grounded in reality so that they can offer purpose and flexibility.


Data has also shown that laughter can do you good, by strengthening your immune system, boosting your mood, connecting you to others and keeping you grounded.

Just hearing laughter primes one’s brain and readies them to smile and join the fun. Here at Speakers Corner, we have an array of hilarious comedians offering stimulating and energizing entertainment – the perfect stress reliever.

However, if comedy is not your thing, perhaps a speaker specialising in mental wealth, wellbeing or mindfulness might be more well-suited to helping you alleviate your stress?

Lastly, data has shown that exercise in almost any form can shed daily tensions through movement and physical activity, leaving you feeling more calm, clear and focused. So perhaps a speaker focused on exercise and physical wellbeing, may leave you feeling calmer.

At Speakers Corner, we’re dedicated to finding the perfect speaker for your event. Our friendly team of experts are more than happy to share their knowledge with you, to ensure that your event reaches its full potential.

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