The Best Places To Host A Business Meeting

23 January 2018

Our team spends a lot of time meeting speakers and clients, as being in the events and entertainment industry, we are in the business of forming great, long-lasting relationships. But, often these relationships are built on the foundation of the venue, as if the ambiance is off or if there are no plug sockets, or if it's too noisy then the right tone won’t be set for the meeting. So, we asked for their top picks.

Our Account Manager Lucy B really likes The Hoxton in Holborn. She said, “It is a really cool venue and spacious, there’s WIFI and enough space to lay out laptops and papers. Also, it helps that it is in a very central location.”

Matt, one of our  Event Coordinators  likes to keep things simple. His favourite spot is Pret. For three reasons, “because you can always find a seat, there’s one everywhere and you’ll never be stunned by the price of coffees!”

Also, their banana cake is excellent, so that is always a plus!

Dan, one of our Account Managers, likes to impress in other ways. He said “I think it is always good to go to their offices, as it proves you are willing to go the extra mile and take the stress off their hands. Also, seeing their offices allows you a deeper insight into their company and its culture, which for us is always helpful as it can inform our speaker recommendations.”

Great advice Dan. Louise, our office manager, takes a different tact and likes to charm with a dazzling location for her meetings. She says, "For a lunch meeting (or just lunch as I don’t actually go to meetings!), I would recommend The Aviary at The Montcalm on Finsbury Square. It’s a really lovely restaurant with a gorgeous roof terrace and good views. In the middle of the day, it is not too loud, but does really nice food. Taking a client there would be sure to really impress them and might help to seal a deal!

Rebecca, our Head of Operations, suggests the Timberyard on Seven Dials. She says “it’s a buzzy coffee shop, which is perfect for a meeting. They also have a couple of spaces you can hire if you need something a bit more official.”

Lucy M, our Content Manager, loves breakfast meetings (this may be due to her penchant for pancakes) and suggests the Natural Kitchen on Tudor Street. Lucy also likes Lantana on Old Street – a trendy coffee shop because it is centrally located and does a great cappuccino!

Helena, one of our Event Coordinators, recommends the Dome Lounge at the Threadneedles Hotel because, “there’s always space, it’s quiet and the tables are far enough away from each other if you need to get into the nitty gritty!”

A great one to bear in mind for those confidential meetings.

Lastly, Debbie, one of our Account Managers, suggestions House of St Barnabas. She says, “It is a member’s club, but it’s very quiet. The best part is that it is a social enterprise which employs people affected by homelessness" - so by hosting your meeting there, you can feel a little bit better about yourself too!

We hope our list will help you secure those meetings with any type of client from the city workers to the creatives.

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