Our Logistics Team: Helping you Every Step of the Way

Charlotte Sheridan 28 September 2016

Here at Speakers Corner, we take pride in truly understanding every brief we work on and delivering speaker ideas that are completely tailored to every event.

Selecting your speaker, however, is just the beginning of the journey that we take step-by-step with you.

Unlike most of our contemporaries, Speakers Corner has a dedicated logistics team , who are totally focused on helping you through the process, once your account manager has helped you to source your speaker.

Working on over 1000 events a year, with a database of more than 6000 speakers  who have busy itineraries, our logistics team possess a wealth of experience in negotiating the path between client and speaker. They make sure that everyone in the process is aware of what is happening at each stage, and that everything is discussed and agreed beforehand. This ensures that both you and your speaker are fully comfortable with exactly what will be happening on the day, and with each other.

As our Head of Logistics, Rebecca Matthews , points out: ‘’We offer complete support and are available 24 hours a day, so there is always someone here to help you’’.

So come and peek behind the scenes to discover exactly what our logistics department does, and why they do it…

We make your life easier

Taking the stress out of your event

As we understand that you are busy juggling the venue, delegates, invites, and a multitude of other tasks – we take care of organising the speaker part for you.

We always host a briefing call between yourself and the speaker to ensure that all the logistical elements are covered, right down to the event’s dress code – we wouldn’t want your logo clashing with the speaker’s shirt!

There’s no reason to worry about plane or train times, as we can arrange all the travel and transport.

We also provide you with the speaker’s technical requirements, and can help with the really specific details, such as what microphone the speaker prefers, or how best to introduce them to the stage.

We provide both you and the speaker with a ‘call sheet’ for the day. This means that everyone is aware of what is happening and on what timescale, removing any apprehension about speaker arrivals. We make sure you have all information you need to hand.

We work together, supporting our clients through every step

Building relationships

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with both our clients  and speakers.

After working with some clients for many years on an array of events, it’s safe to say that we have a strong idea of their formats, audiences and preferences.

If you are new to working with Speakers Corner, we encourage you to tell us everything about your event, and yourselves. We want to help ensure that your event, and the time leading up to it, is exactly as you would like it to be. Let us know your ‘vision’!

We send over a checklist asking for some details, which you can use to share with us your requirements and wants. Do you need info for your press release? Will you be filming the event? Would you like your speaker to post about the event on social media ? The earlier we have these requirements, the sooner we can negotiate them with your speaker.

We go to great lengths to get to know our speakers, which puts us in the perfect position to present your requirements to them; we know what they are happy to do, where more persuasion may be needed, and the best way to approach this. If you have awkward questions, we can ask them for you, making sure that nothing is lost in translation.

Our speakers know and trust us, which certainly helps if there is anything potentially tricky to cover.

As one our event co-ordinators, Helena Horesh , says: “The favourite part of my job is when you build a great relationship with a client and get to the point where you almost know what they need before they do themselves!”

General tips for anyone organising speakers for an event

Having dealt with thousands of events, our logistics team have picked up a few tips along the way…and we’re happy to share them with you to make planning your event a slightly easier job!

Give your speaker (or us) as much information about the event as early as possible

Is there a specific theme that you want? What type of audience do you have? Does the venue have any unusual quirks? The more information we have, the better!

Talk to us, tell us about your event!

Don’t panic about the briefing!

Remember that your speaker is likely to be dealing with multiple events so will set a time aside to focus on writing/editing their speech for your specific brief. As they ensure that their content is relevant and timely, this is likely to be fairly close to the event rather than months in advance.

Get all the details of your marketing, media and filming in place early

In some cases, speakers are restricted in what they can allow, they might limit filming or not want to be publicised – for example, their day job may forbid them from certain press activity, or part of their content could be copyrighted. All of this is much easier to iron out at an earlier stage.


Do be sure to provide feedback for us and your speaker after the event. It’s great to understand what went well, what could have been done differently, and any suggestions you may have. We record all of our feedback, and use this to inform our speaker selection, internal processes, and, of course, any other areas where we can improve our service.

Trust us!

We work on over a thousand events a year, and we really do understand what makes for a smooth-running event. Our logistics team is here to take one part of the event-planning process off your hands, so relax and let us look after it for you!

If there is anything you would like to know about our logistics team, or if you have any suggestions about what else we could be doing to help you execute your perfect event, do get in touch with us at  info@speakerscorner.co.uk  or call 020 7607 7070.

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