The Value of a Virtual Keynote Speaker Continues to Rise

27 July 2020

As we head out of lockdown and a return to some kind of normality, the value of a virtual keynote speaker continues to rise. This is in part because we are returning to some kind of normal. Furloughed staff are coming back to work, lockdown restrictions are being lifted, the transport network is opening up and the Government is gearing up employees to start bringing staff back to the office from 01 August.

But this is also in part because we've dealt with the immediate firefighting which took hold as lockdown began. And now business leaders, managers, heads of departments and employees are starting to look forward, understanding that there are challenges to be faced and need that inspiration from virtual keynote speakers who can help get the mindset right to find solutions.

Of course, the people we admire and take inspiration from rarely set out to do that, yet it happens. Audiences want to learn more about them. They aspire to achieve the things they have or relate to the challenges they’ve overcome.

Very few of us are fortunate enough to meet these people, but if we do the experience can be one unlike any other. Such rare opportunities can be uplifting, motivating and even life-affirming. Why that is can be difficult to say. We are all unique, we all admire different qualities and draw inspiration from wildly differing places and people.

For some it might be those with a passion to raise awareness, giving a voice to those who have none or an environmental cause that, if left unchecked could lead to disaster. We are all passionate about causes, when someone furthers those same causes they naturally become our champions.

For many of us, the field of sport and competition will always provide heroes, rising to the top of their field in a world that couldn’t be more competitive. Their posters adorned our bedroom walls as children; we pretended to be them in the playgrounds, not seeing them as human, but something more. Even as adults those feelings never truly leave us.

Then there are those who go further, to places we might only dream of in the spirit of exploration or human endeavour. Overcoming challenges and showing us the things that might be possible and sharing those experiences for us to wonder at.

The list could go on... To include artists or broadcasters who let us see the world through different eyes, those in the fields of science and business whose ideas and discoveries change our lives for the better.

During a live event of any size from 50+ attendees while the audience will feel inspired, motivated, exhilirated and so on, few will have the opportunity to meet the speaker. For many they will be at a distance.

But this is where the virtual event comes into it's own especially during these extroardinary times. Every single attendee has a front row seat. The virtual keynote speaker is right there in front of them and we've seen the level of interaction and engagement, with questions posed and comments relayed happening in real time.

Everyone of us is going through a journey during this pandemic and we're all seeking answers. These are extroardinary times. But there are also extrorindary opportunities. At what other moment in time could you bring in an A list speaker from across the world to meet your team and have them share an intimate 40 or so minutes answering questions and providing guidance?

That’s why an opportunity to virtually meet some of the greatest humans on this planet and spend time in their company is such a special one as we all collectively experience this strange period.

Our team of experts will be only too happy to discuss how a virtual keynote speaker can work for your next event.

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