What Does Your Commuter Energy Say About You?

29 May 2019

No two days are the same, but there are certain similarities. Here in London, where the SC Towers are based, we spend hours every week commuting. If there’s one thing our working lives can guarantee in the city, it’s tube time.

The tube is an incredibly diverse place.

I look around every morning and see people from all walks of life, all making different journeys, but crossing the same path as me, if only for a few minutes. After months of observation (I moved to London in September), I have started to think: what does your commuter energy say about you?

1. The Reader

Do you feel anxious if you forget your book? Have you always got your Kindle (and portable charger) so that you can read on the go? Then you might be a Reader. You see your 37 minutes on the tube as the perfect time to finish another chapter. You have your Kindle app synced to all your devices. When buying a bag, you choose one with ample space for a novel. As a Reader, you’re in great company! Our very own Abbie  is working her way through the Harry Potter series on the tube.

2. The Daydreamer

Do you find yourself staring at adverts but not really reading? Do you ever miss your stop? Can you easily cut out sounds around you? Then you sound like a Daydreamer! For you, something about commuting is romantic. Being in transit gives you the chance to think about places you’d rather be, and the notion of moving between places confirms to you that anything is possible. I didn’t think this was me until I wrote this description…

3. The So-Done-With-Life

Do you feel like you are constantly running for a tube and *just* missing it? Did you forget your lunch for the second time this week? Is your phone on 5% battery, just as you need to use Citymapper to check your route? You sound like you are So-Done-With-Life, and we feel for you. London is brutal sometimes, and it only takes the culmination of a few misfortunes to tip you over the edge. To you, we say: give yourself a break. Could you walk more of your journey to reduce tube time? Could you take a day off and make no plans but to catch up on a TV show or pamper yourself? We think you deserve it.

4. The Gamer

Candy Crush. Wordscapes. Bejewelled. Do you have a high score that you try to beat on every tube journey? Are you trying to connect to WiFi at every station so you can take your turn? Then you are a Gamer!

5. The Downloader

Are you constantly hitting the ‘download to offline’ button? Are your top apps Netflix, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Audible? You are the Downloader, and we think you might just be the most common of all commuters. Whether it’s Peaky Blinders, or a new episode of The High Low, you use your tube time to keep up with TV series, podcasts, and music. We don’t blame you, either. It means you can stay in the loop of office chatter about TV and use your time at home to do other things. Perhaps talking to your partner.

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