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Natalie Stone 24 August 2015

Our central function, along with the speakers we work with; the one tenet that we adhere to passionately is: gaining and sharing knowledge. There are so many ways of doing this with the earliest, arguably, being through sound, then language sharing with one another, from  plinth, a stage and even – yes – a corner. The principle of knowledge sharing remains the same but how we do it has vastly changed, plus, it has got a hell of a lot quicker with analogue and more so with digital.

There are many communication tools nowadays to choose from, but when a speaker is not delivering a speech from the stage, where do they decide to share their message? The main answer is, of course, online - with its various platforms to allow for ideas and knowledge to flow both ways.

Two of very influential, popular yet totally different speakers who use LinkedIn to impart their wisdom are Richard Branson - who needs no introduction - and Sallie Krawcheck, former president of the Global Wealth & Investment Management division of Bank of America, who talks about moving from corporate executive to entrepreneur.

Richard Branson, is a good example of someone using social media to share knowledge; a business guru and adventurer, whose mission in life is to turn ideas into reality, determinedly blogs ideas, thoughts and the requisite family pics to his fans and followers worldwide. But how does he think of ideas? Where does he find the time? And most pressing, is it really him?

The resounding response to the latter is “YES!”. Branson passionately believes that the only blogs worth writing, or reading, are those which are genuine, authentic and personal . He believes that every CEO should blog, in order to access his customers and clients directly, and to keep an ear to the ground in terms of trends and complaints.

Because he is dyslexic and requires help with grammar, he turns to Virgin’s content team for advice about potential blogging subjects. Yet still, every blog he writes celebrates his own passions and interests and is written as a replacement for what he used to write as a diary.

Sallie Krawcheck , one of the most senior women on Wall Street, can also be found on LinkedIn, musing on the best ways to make the move from corporate exec to entrepreneur .

Firstly she talks about cash; the unfortunate practicality that impedes many would be entrepreneurs’ path to success. It’s a necessity. Then passion. You have to be honest with yourself about your motivation for the project. You have to be passionate about the product and not just about the idea of working in a trendy office with exposed brickwork and wearing trainers to work.

“Someone who is a self-starter, passionate about a business and optimistic,” is Sallie’s description of the ideal entrepreneur – good luck if it’s you!

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