Ritula Shah

Journalist and broadcaster, Ritula Shah has worked across a range of radio stations and television news programs.

D: £3K - £5K

Journalist and broadcaster, chair and event host, Ritula Shah is one of the most recognisable voices on speech radio.

As one of the BBC’s top radio news and current affairs presenters, Ritula has spoken to politicians, thinkers and newsmakers. Her role as the lead presenter of the World Tonight on Radio 4 and at the BBC World Service, has given her a unique perspective on national and international events from 9/11 to Brexit.

Her considered approach has enabled her to interrogate and explain why and how stories matter. From the rise of China to mass migration, populism and cryptocurrencies, Ritula has been at the forefront of the coverage and has taken the deep dive for those who want to get beyond the headlines.

Ritula has extensive experience of chairing panels, including on the BBC’s Any Questions and The Real Story. She also leads major public debates for Universities and think tanks on everything from foreign policy to AI and the digital transformation.

Ritula has travelled extensively for her work, reporting from countries including China, India, Brazil, the US, Iran and Germany. Her calm and authoritative style has gained her access to secretive Chinese carmakers and the American military base at Guantanamo Bay.

Ritula is on the advisory board of the defence and security think tank, the Royal United Services Institute. She’s also a trustee of the visual arts organisation INIVA and an ambassador for the British Asian Trust.

Ritula currently presents Calm Classics on ClassicFM, indulging her lifelong interest in the arts.

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