Alain de Botton

A renowned philosopher, best-selling author, and keynote speaker, Alain de Bottom's ideas resonate with the everyday experiences of his audiences as he speaks about 'a kinder, gentler philosphy of success'. His novels and nonfiction works, which focus on love, relationships, travel, status, and our surroundings, are thought-provoking, revelatory and entertaining.

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Acclaimed broadcaster, best-selling author, journalist and TED Global  speaker , Alain de Botton speaks about ‘a kinder, gentler philosophy of success'. Founder of the School of Life, Alain’s ideas resonate with the every-day experiences of his readers and audiences in relation to artists and thinkers of the past.

Not only does he expertly convey his thoughts on paper, Alain has also been involved in making television documentaries based on his work. The BBC movie How Proust Can Change your Life starred Ralph Fiennes and Felicity Kendal. He also wrote and presented three TV series based on The Consolations of Philosophy, Status Anxiety and Architecture.

In 2003 Alain was made a Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres, one of the France's highest artistic honours. He was also awarded the Prix Européen de l'Essai Charles Veillon, and in 2004, Status Anxiety was awarded the prize for the 'Economics Book of the Year' by the Financial Times in Germany.

Alain writes about thinking; art; travel, and relationships. His books include Essays in Love, The Romantic Movement and Kiss & Tell. Some call them essays, others novels, but either way their focus on ideas about love and relationships resonate intimately with a wide spectrum of his readers and fans.

Alain’s skills lie in his ability to deal directly with people’s thoughts. He develops original ideas relating to art, friendship, envy, desire etc. They cross the line between being self-help books and beautifully written novels which delicately explore our emotions.

Alain possesses an extraordinary power to connect with his reader or audience.

Able to discuss universal emotions, the human condition and philosophy of life, all audiences can learn something from Alain’s in-depth speeches.

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