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Young, confident, and knowledgeable, Bianca Miller-Cole made it to the final of The Apprentice with skill, determination, an admirable talent for sidestepping obstacles, and in front of an audience of millions to boot. Flush with the success of her enterprise, she went on to found The Be Group. As well as running her business, Bianca facilitates workshops and speaks on a range of issues, including personal branding and people management.

C: £5K - £10K
"Bianca is very personable and met our guests in a friendly and approachable way. She tells her story well, with humour, humility and candour; she was very well received."

Bianca Miller-Cole is an award-winning entrepreneur, Sunday Times Bestselling Author and Personal Brand expert; having founded the 'go to' bushiness for harnessing workforce potential.

The business has an impressive list of clients including HSBC, Accenture, AMEX, Facebook, Tesco, Barclays, Google and BT to name a few.

Bianca was honoured as a 'Forbes 30 under 30' for her commitment to e-commerce and retail via her diverse hosiery brand 'Bianca Miller London', which she pitched in the final of The Apprentice in 2014.

Bianca's business influence also resulted in her being awarded a Top 10 'Power Profile Leader' via LOinkedIn out of 20 million members, alongside Richard Branson.

She appears in the Top 50 Future Leaders lists for the Financial Leaders lists for the Financial Times HERoes (women only) and EMpower (ethnic minority) lists for her success in business.

She is the co-author of bestselling book, "Self Made: The Definitive Guide to Business Startup Success" and uses her spare time to mentor a growing community of over 500 budding entrepreneurs.

In November 2019, Bianca starred as an expert advisor for Brand New Channel 4 show, "Save Well, Spend Better." This 6 part series has been created to help members of the public with their financial dilemmas. She is one of 4 experts and appears in her capacity laws serial entrepreneur and 'business guru', lending her ideas on how to proactively change their financial situations for the better.

In 2021, Bianca's second book 'The Business Survival Kit' published by Penguin Random House, created to help entrepreneurs cope with the sometimes 'unsexy' realities of the business roller-coaster, giving business owners real actionable steps they can take to improve their business AND personal life.

The book will cover a variety of topics including anxiety, imposter syndrome, romantic relationships, finding your purpose, stress, resilience, networking and dealing with rejection to name a few.

The book has been written to articulate the challenges and the solutions, to help every business owner to survive and thrive, even in the toughest conditions.

In its first week the book became a 'Sunday Times Bestseller' in two categories.

With a 2-book deal signed in 2022, Bianca has two books being published in 2023 and 2024 with Hachette sharing more of her expertise and experience to help others.

Bianca has become extremely popular for her keynote and guest speaking appearances due to her ability to cultivate an inspired workforce at any age or stage of her life cycle. She excels in providing her audience with an interactive experience in an engaging, actionable and informative way.

For further information or to book Bianca Miller-Cole, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email


For further information or to book Bianca Miller-Cole please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

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  • "Bianca is very personable and met our guests in a friendly and approachable way. She tells her story well, with humour, humility and candour; she was very well received."
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