Chris Grant

Chris Grant, the Former CEO of Sported, is an organisational change expert with a focus on diverse workplaces. Chris is a board member of Sport England and draws on his experience of working with thousands of leaders in business, sport and elsewhere to educate audiences on effective leadership and cultivating a diverse workplace culture.

D: £3K - £5K

Chris chaired the programme that introduced the UK’s Chip & PIN payment technology and since 2015, he’s chaired the judging of the UK’s Sport Industry Awards. He sits on the board of Sport England, and has facilitated strategic and operational conversations across a range of sectors, from the European Retail Real Estate Conference to the NHS Medical Directors’ Forum.

He’s helped global industries to think about their social impact, and a national sports squad prepare for a victorious European Championship campaign. He’s coached Team GB coaches, TV executives and (literally) rocket scientists. But to Chris, the titles are less important than the people. He’s fascinated by the common factors and approaches, which either bring them success, or get in the way.

Chris’s charisma, combined with his capacity to “tune in” to the priorities, culture and language of different groups, make him a highly successful speaker and facilitator in conference rooms. But he’s a hit through the video conference screen too, and has several tricks up his sleeve to help a group feel fully engaged and energised in a remote setting. He can deliver a straightforward keynote, and is also highly skilled at involving groups in interactive exercises to enhance their understanding, as well conversations which can continue beyond the session.

The slogans, black squares and commissioning of “unconscious bias” training are the easy part. But what happens next, and how can individuals, teams and organisations ensure that, when it comes to racism, they’re part of the solution? In his highly engaging style, Chris sets out a roadmap for change, tapping into his broad and deep knowledge of building effective teams and organisations across many sectors, as well as a lifetime spent navigating the pitfalls and glass ceilings of racial politics in the UK.

As thoughts turn to what comes next post-COVID, the volume and importance of decisions needing to be made will continue to grow. Chris draws on examples from this most unusual year, and the insights from his new book “Better Decisions” to offer a startlingly accessible and engaging keynote, full of practical wisdom and useful techniques.

Whether “live” or through a screen, the value of any keynote sits in the place where the insights of the speaker meet the experiences and perspectives of the audience. Using a unique approach, developed in contexts as diverse as the European Retail Real Estate conference and the Visionary Conference for UK sight-impairment charities, Chris Grant gathers the views of a cross-section of participants up front by asking 3 very short, simple questions, and then weaves these into an engaging, comprehensive, forward-looking view of the team, organisation, sector or industry in question.

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