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Gerd Leonhard is a globally known futurist who focuses on near future 'nowist' observations covering areas such as society business, media technology and communications. His keynotes are famous for their hard-hitting and provocative style, entwined with a humorous and personable tint.

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Gerd's background is in the music business; in 1985 he won Berklee College’s 'Quincy Jones Award' and subsequently spent 12 years working as a professional guitarist, composer and producer.

He then turned his hand to internet based ventures and became a digital music & media entrepreneur, serving as Founder/CEO of several internet startups, based in San Francisco. In 2002, following the .com meltdown and the 9/11 crisis, Gerd returned to Europe and discovered his new calling as a futurist.

As an author, Gerd has co-authored the best-selling book 'The Future of Music' alongside five other books covering areas of futurology and more.

He is the host of the web TV series, TheFutureShow and CEO of TheFuturesAgency, a global network of over 30 leading futurists.

Gerd is considered a leading voice on a wide range of topics, from digital transformation, traditional and social media, to AI, cognitive computing, IoT, big data, marketing and the 'green future'.

In 2015, Wired Magazine listed Gerd as #88 of the top 100 influencers in Europe. He’s #21 on the global list of futurists.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Gerd Leonhard makes the ideal addition to any event where the audience want to use his insights to stay ahead of the game.

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