Guillem Graell

As the former Chief of Marketing at FC Barcelona, Guillem led the entire digital transformation, turning it into the most valuable football brand in the world. Guillem is a media and communication expert, specialising in using direct-to-fan strategy to turn a brand's emotional value into a global business model.

C: £5K - £10K

Guillem is an entrepreneur and one of the world's most experienced Chief Brand Officers with a prolific 18+ year legacy of global businesses & brand building in the sports and FMCG industries.

As Chief Marketing Officer at FC Barcelona, he led the largest transformation from a sports club to a global LoveBrand, turning it into the Most Valuable Football brand in the world (Forbes Sports) and triplicating its digital product strategy revenue under his leadership.

From 2017 to 2021, he developed the overall direct-to-fan strategy and execution, focusing on the Club's digital product strategy, earning over €1B and led the club's social media platforms to reach over 400M followers. He built BarcaTV (valued at over €250M), featuring formats such as "Matchday, Inside FC Barcelona." as well as leading the Club's Digital Transformation culture by managing its NFTs & crypto strategy, eSports/Gaming and digital subscription products.

Guillem's keynotes are a must for brand managers and Heads of Digital Strategy whose main goal is to transform their companies into true LoveBrands through content leadership that truly engages its customers at a deep emotional level.

At the core of Guillem's conferences is Brand Leadership. He reflects on the strategies behind the global success of the world's most influential brands, and further details how to turn a brand's emotional value and content strategy into a global and profitable digital multichannel business model.

As a top media and communication professional, Guillem's delivery transcends the traditional concept of product marketing, providing the audience with a transversal and out-of-the-box perspective of how to blend effective digital strategy with business management.

Today Guillem is the Cofounder and Mangaing Partner at D2F, a company with the purpose to build solutions to close and monetise the gap between love brands and their fans in the Sports & Entertainment industry.

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