Andy Stalman

Andy is a best-selling author, esteemed speaker and branding specialist. With a past working in business management, he is now a regular speaker at business schools, companies and conferences around the world, sharing his wealth of knowledge.

C: £5K - £10K

With more than 25 years experience, Andy is considered one of the world's leading branding experts. His talent and charisma as well as his work and influence in the branding world have led Andy to be recognised globally as "Mr Branding."

Andy is currently co-founder and CEO of TOTEM Branding, one of the most reputable branding companies in the world and formerly, has held prominent management positions at Lacoste and Aeropuertos Argentina.

Andy is a visiting professor at prestigious business schools and consultant for companies around the world. Invited to conferences, companies and events both in Spain and across the world, Andy is considered to be on of the "100 Best Speakers in Spain" according to the prestigious consulting firm, Thinking Heads.

Andy is also the author of three bestsellers: "BrandOffOn. The Branding of the Future", considered one of the most influential books of the 21st century has been among the bestsellers on Amazon for more than 300 weeks and is in its 11th edition. 

"HumanOffOn: Is the Internet Chaning Us As Human Beings?", is one of the essential books to understand the present and future of the digitalised society. Finally, in 2020, Andy published his third solo book: "TOTEM. Transforming Clients into Believers," one of the best-selling books since its inception, and the first book on brands and companies of the new post-Covid-19 era.

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