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Visionary, business guru and influential presenter Max McKeown reveals insider knowledge gleaned from 25 years’ experience working for major global brands, including Xbox, Pfizer, Topshop and Sony. As a keynote speaker, Max shares insights into innovation, leadership and customer service.

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"Max's presentation was excellent!"
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Max McKeown – visionary, business guru and influential presenter, reveals insider knowledge, gleaned from twenty five years’ experience consulting for Pfizer, Topshop and Sony, amongst many other major global brands, as well as launching the Xbox in the UK. At the helm of shaping these companies and the experience of their customers, Max’s hands-on experience has made him one of the most unique creative minds of a generation.

With his fast-paced, down-to-earth, fearless exploration of how you can create a better future through innovation  – Max reveals his insights with an unusual presentation method – he stands in front of an enormous and imposing white board where he illustrates ideas and creative thoughts, deduced from insider knowledge of the world’s biggest brands, and from the audience’s interpretations of his revealing presentation. His ‘ideas board’ allows everyone to think, create and learn together. He often draws interactively with the audience to gain maximum engagement, high energy and effective learning.

A multi-award winning speaker and consultant, and international best-selling author and expert on strategy, leadership and culture, Max’s lauded publication The Strategy Book was Winner of the Commuter Read at the Chartered Management Institute Book of the Year 2013 and was rated Amazon’s Best Business Book of 2012.

A guest speaker on national TV and radio, and an impressive and popular corporate speaker, Max is unique as a leading business figure whose work with Fortune 100 companies allows him to reveal the truth about business, using his gift for creating an indelible imprint on the memory of delegates at an event.

Max allows audiences a deep vision into the challenges, pitfalls and secrets of transforming into a high adaptability culture with an idea hungry climate in which creativity is loved and nourished. How can you change focus from inside-out to outside-in? How can you become a powerful strategic thinker and doer? How can you develop high trust leadership that enables you to move faster, delivering the future your customers need? How can you bring to life innovation that matters? What are the powerful rules of adaptability?

His ideas on shaping the future have been used by companies across the world and have proved that people and businesses get stronger and smarter when faced with adversity, and they use imagination to create brilliant strategies that provide clever paths to better places.

Max brings the truth about high adaptability - and high innovation - to life with examples, humour, emotion so that audiences gain memorable personal, practical insights to help them in the real world.

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  • "Max's presentation was excellent!"
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