Nicolas Hamilton

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Nicolas continuously strives to overcome the pain, strains and endless struggles that are a result of his disability. Having secured his own sponsorship, he currently competes in the British Touring Car Championship and is the first disabled athlete to ever compete in this racing series.

D: £3K - £5K

When Nicolas was only 18 months old his parents were told that he would never walk and that his eyesight was extremely poor and would deteriorate as he got older, but the determination of Nicolas and the Hamilton Family has proved the doctors wrong. The main focus for Nicolas was to make sure his life was not ruined by his condition, as he believed he was also very lucky with what he had, seeing that there are many other people with Cerebral Palsy who are affected more severely.

After years of hard work and dedication in overcoming his condition from wheelchair bound to walking unaided by the age of 17, Nicolas’ parents decided to agree to his request to be allowed to race and follow his dream of becoming a disabled racing driver. He was given the opportunity to race in the highly competitive Renault Clio Cup series. This naturally was a baptism of fire given that this would be Nicolas’ first attempt at motorsport. Handling the challenges presented to him with the same dedication and determination that his disability presents to him on a daily basis, Nicolas exceeded all expectations in his first year and showed the world of motorsport that an individual with Cerebral Palsy can be just as competitive as an ‘able-bodied’ individual in a very physical sport.

Nicolas represents the 11 million disabled people that are in the UK, of which only 20% are involved in sport. 1 in 400 children are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which makes Nicolas a unique individual who can encourage and promote all activities and inspire others to overcome the obstacles that life throws at you.

In conclusion to all of the pain, strains and struggles that Nicolas went through and still goes through on a daily basis. In 2015, Nicolas became the first disabled athlete ever to compete in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), which marked the achievement of a once impossible goal.

However, his journey didn't stop there. Nicolas needed to secure new sponsors to keep his place, and tells a powerful story of how he had to understand how marketing works in order to sell his story to potential partners.

In 2019, Nicolas secured a full-time drive with Motorbase Performance.

As a keynote speaker, Nicolas’ achievements hope to inspire both disabled and able-bodied individuals worldwide to show that pushing to better yourself, regardless of your life situation, is possible.

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