How can a motivational speaker help your small business grow?

Rob Newton 11 February 2021

Small businesses are the fuel of a thriving economy. But growing a small to medium sized business inevitably means you’ll experience some pain points along the way.

The pandemic has created a sesmic shift in how we live, work and do business. SME's can both find themselves in the eye of a storm or following the gold rush, but whichever situation the business is in, it's critical the owners and employees come together to pursue one vision.

Motivational speakers  offer a wealth of experience that can prove crucial in times of unprecedented change, inspire your team, and seize growth opportunities that come your way. The virtual world now provides an incredible choice of speakers to inspire your teams which sit within your budget too.

We’ve seen a noticeable trend from small to medium sized businesses bringing in an external speaker to fuel their growth, so we’ve put together some handy tips to help you understand how a motivational speaker can help your small business grow.

Address Adversity

Motivational speakers have a story to tell. From Paralympians like Ade Adepitan  to inspirational keynote speakers like Spencer West  and Nicolas Hamilton , who inspire individuals worldwide to show that pushing to better yourself, regardless of your life situation, is possible.

We all face challenging situations in business from time to time, and they often come along when we least expect them. The power a motivational speaker can bring is helping your business come together and understand how to navigate through tough times as one team.

There's nothing more uplifting and motivational for an audience than a speaker overcoming adversity and showing key lessons everyone can apply in their business and personal lives.

Learn from Entrepreneurs

Motivational Speakers  have a wealth of experience. Whether it’s starting their own business or working across a variety of industries, they have the power to give you the outsiders perspective you’ve been searching for, backed by years of experience.

From managing a small business, to payroll advice and managing cash flow, speakers like Piers Linney  and more can help to invigorate your business with years of experience that can give you the clarity you’ve been searching for. Providing you with new skills and knowledge that you can take away and continue to use within your own day-to-day role, long after the event has finished.

Anticipate Unprecedented Change

Change is an inevitable part of every industry. One of the best ways to prepare for change is to engage your employees with a change or transformation expert .

External speakers who have been through major change in the past can help your employees navigate through rough waters and help your business grow, which also includes expert direction in managing people.

Experts in HR & People Management  draw on their experience working with others and getting the best out of individuals from various backgrounds to take businesses to the next level.

From HR Speakers like Lucy Adams  who has worked across big and small industries alike, to digital entrepreneurs or change management  experts like Alan O’Neill , provide expert advice to your team through the power of the spoken word.

Are you looking to diversify your senior leadership, bring new employees into the fold, or create a gender balanced workforce? Invest in a Motivational Speaker that can shine a light on the road ahead and help your business truly grow.

Deliver Incredible Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service is one significant advantage small businesses have when competing against bigger brands with huge marketing budgets. If you ask customers, a huge majority value customer service (and indeed are prepared to pay a premium) rather than an impersonal service from huge brands.

Customer service strategy is core to ensuring that a business fulfils its potential. Whether you’re looking to build dedicated brand loyalty like Johnny Cupcakes  or hoping to optimise your customer experience in-store or online, a motivational speaker can tailor their talk to your businesses needs and show you a new way to build incredible relationships with your customers so they keep coming back time after time.

Inspire A United Team

A small business will have an eclectic mix of employees. You’ll have those who have been there right from the start, perhaps including family members, a collection of young ambitious individuals and a smattering of part-timers who you’ve moulded their role around their family commitments.

Together, you’ll become greater than the sum of your parts. However, if your culture starts to wane, you’ll quickly lose the sense of identity which your customers were attracted to.

Motivational speakers, who have been instrumental within championship winning teams or highly successful businesses, help to restore a sense of culture and empowerment. Our expert teamwork keynote speakers  will inspire and motivate your audience so they become greater than the sum of their parts.

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