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Paul Craven is an expert in behavioural economics, decision making, investment and psychology, applying the inner operations of the mind to the economic world. CEO of his own successful company Craven Partners Ltd, Paul is nothing short of a business specialist. Paul's expertise can be found in his TEDx talks. and through his coaching and consulting programmes. Marrying technicality with creativity Paul is a hit on the corporate circuit.

C: £5K - £10K

Paul Craven is a London-based investment specialist whose prime focus is behavioural  economics . Retired from Goldman Sachs Asset Management after 27 years in the world of financial markets, pension fund investment and behavioural economics, Paul is now CEO of his own company Craven Partners Ltd.

As one of the world’s leading finance and behavioural economics keynote speakers, Paul can discuss a range of topics of great relevance to today's socio-political climate, from how to make better decisions to the dynamics of group persuasion. For example, drawing similarities between the Brexit campaigns and the election campaigns of Corbyn and Trump, he can shed light on how the way that messages were communicated led to the persuasion of voters.

Paul’s career began with global asset management company Schroders as a portfolio manager and later as head of UK Institutional Sales, before he moved onto PIMCO Europe Ltd, as Head of UK Business Development.

His move to Goldman Sachs Asset Management saw him placed as a managing director and latterly the head of European Institutional Business, before he retired and founded Paul Craven Partners Ltd.

Paul is a non-executive director of the specialist coaching firm, Salomon Partners, advising asset managers and pension funds in how to use behavioural science insights to develop their skills and strategies. He is an independent adviser on the Akzo Nobel (CPS) Pension Scheme and the British Steel Pension Fund, and a Trustee Director on the Mitchells & Butlers Pension Plans.

Outside the financial sector, Paul is a member of the exclusive Magic Circle and uses his skills to examine the way in which the mind can play tricks. A master of many trades, Paul is sure to bring something special to your event.

Using his understanding of behavioural economics and insight into competitive advantage, Paul can give a keynote, host a workshop or entertain an after-dinner audience with his knowledge and slight of hand. Offering enlightening perception into the tricks of the mind, Paul is an unforgettable speaker.

His speaking topics include:

- The science of decision-making; making better decisions

- Having empathy with clients

- Group-think (around the dynamics, behaviours, persuasions of a group) and herding mentality

- Persuasion during the referendum and election campaigns

- Magic of behaviour economics (when he throws in a few magic tricks too)

- Technology plus Psychology

- The ethical advocate (for law firms)

- Improving procurement techniques using psychology and behavior

- The investment world - how behavioural science affects peoples views of profits, losses, gain, investments, time

For further information or to book Paul Craven, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email

For further information or to book Paul Craven please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

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