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Dynamic and enthusiastic business guru, Geoff Burch will brighten even the dullest subjects. An expert in sales and customer service, Geoff combines hilarious stories with real techniques on how to improve customer service, sales and motivation. Best-selling author, the success of his works is a testament to his effective methods. Inspiring real change, Geoff is a highly sought after dinner keynote speaker.

D: £3K - £5K
"Geoff was absolutely fantastic. Relevant and extremely funny. The crowd he had are not easily pleased but it was received extremely well."
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An exciting and energetic business, after dinner and keynote speaker, Geoff Burch has the ability to transform even the dullest business subject into a rollercoaster ride that leaves the audience thrilled and convinced.

A leading authority on sales, customers, leadership and change, Geoff was recently voted ‘Business Communicator of the Year’ by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild.

He is a master storyteller whose observations are highly entertaining but also carefully crafted to deliver important business messages. He has worked extensively with a wide range of international companies to inspire, motivate and inform their people.

His power to make any organisation believe in itself and maintain the motivation to succeed is central to his presentation.

Geoff will do everything possible to make your event a great success (he has even been known to blast onto the stage on a motorbike). Preparing meticulously in advance, he studies the profile of the audience, the market in which they work, the competition they face, and how to exploit the advantages they have. He liaises with the production people regarding the sound and lighting - especially when using the bike!

His unconventional image does not hide the fact that he has a powerful business message, which can benefit absolutely any client-focused organisation. His credentials are impressive. He's worked with BT, Barclays, Lloyds, the CBI, Consumers' Association, Prudential, Phillips, ABTA and numerous other companies to present, motivate and train.

Geoff challenges the way we do business and offers real-world solutions that can be immediately implemented and are relevant to organisations of all sizes and in every sector. He informs and creates ideas and tangible tools that will improve your team’s and your organisation’s performance with unforgettable stories that make you remember what really works.

He frequently contributes to and presents on TV and radio programmes, including starring in the popular ‘All Over the Shop’ series on BBC2 where he helps small businesses to survive and thrive. He is also a regular business presenter on BBC1. 

As a best-selling author, Geoff’s titles include Resistance is Useless, the Art of Business Persuasion, Go It Alone, Writing on the Wall, The Way of the Dog, Irresistible Persuasion and his latest publication Self-Made Me.

Geoff is a favourite of major blue chip companies due to his hilarious, thought provoking and most certainly unforgettable presentations which deliver powerful business principles. 

Furthermore, speaking on topics such as  disintermediation, energising teams, improving working culture and how to seize opportunity from change, Geoff's understanding of business is genuine and in-depth. 

The Press referred to Geoff as 'The Hell's Angel of Management Consultancy' and 'The World's Most Persuasive Man.' Later magazine called him 'Britain's Toughest Business Guru' and the Daily Mirror said 'He makes selling a joy.'

Some call him a motivator, others an alternative business guru, but when he is firing on all cylinders for a business audience, he's hard to beat.  Funny, yet beneath his acerbic sense of humour and his lampooning and absurd characterisations, lies a strong business message.

His speaking topics include, motivation, empowerment, sales, change, customer service and innovation. 

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  • "Geoff was absolutely fantastic. Relevant and extremely funny. The crowd he had are not easily pleased but it was received extremely well."
  • Think BDW Ltd

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