Sean Chapple

Former Royal Marine Commando Sean Chapple is an in demand keynote and motivational speaker.  In his speeches, Sean focuses on the leadership aspect of his polar expeditions and his ability to motivate people, even in life threatening conditions. His experiences have taught him about teamwork, leadership and pushing yourself to the limit; all of which he can apply to a working environment.

D: £3K - £5K
"Sean brought an inspiring dimension. The challenges of expedition connected to the audience facing leadership challenges of their own"
Group Managing Director, Potential Squared

Sean Chapple is a motivational speaker  of the highest calibre, he served as an officer with the Royal Marine Commandos and is an influential polar expedition leader.

Sean left school at the age of seventeen and decided that he would pursue a career with the Royal Marines. Throughout his commando training, Sean showed qualities of a natural leader and was quickly promoted, he received a commission into the Officer Corps. He had a long and successful career with the Royal Marines and was used for active service around the world; he became a master in mountain, Arctic and desert operations.

In addition to his military career, Sean has established himself as one of the world’s most successful expedition leaders. He is known as the Ice Man and has set numerous world records, leading the way for groups on polar expeditions. In 2006/07 Sean was the leader of the first UK Armed Forces Expedition since Captain Scott, he had recently returned from leading another group expedition to the North Pole. Sean and his team raised the Union Flag when they reached the Pole and on their return the team would finish the furthest military overland journey in Antarctic history. Throughout their expedition the teams well being was challenged and abilities put to the test, they nearly starved and also suffered from frostbite and snow blindness. With Sean as their leader, the team worked together to successfully complete their 1,400 mile journey in 71 days.

Sean has pioneered numerous expeditions including ‘Youth to the North Pole’, he took eight children aged between fourteen and eighteen to the Arctic and taught them about teamwork while also engaging them in adventurous activities and introducing them to a new culture. Other expeditions include the ‘First Successful Winter Crossing of Iceland’, ‘3-Month Ski of the Northwest Passage’ and ‘In the Footsteps of Parry’, where a he retraced the footsteps of Lietenant Parry RN.

Sean is a successful author and has written four books about his various Polar adventures. He wrote ‘No Ordinary Tourist’ about his ski journey across Iceland from west to east coast. Sean has also released a leadership book called ‘Leading High Performance Teams’ he uses practical examples that people can learn from. His other books are ‘Polar Quest Vol I’ and ‘Polar Quest Vol II’ about his North and South Pole Expeditions.

Sean is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and an accredited TMSDI practitioner in the Team Management Profile, Linking Skills Profile and Team Performance Profile.

Speaking Topics

  • Team selection and alignment
  • Gaining commitment and maintaining focus
  • Facing and overcoming setbacks
  • Critical elements for success
  • Leadership challenges
  • The Spirit of Adventure philosophy

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What people said about Sean Chapple

  • "Sean brought an inspiring dimension. The challenges of expedition connected to the audience facing leadership challenges of their own"
  • Group Managing Director, Potential Squared

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