Archie Grant

Event Manager

Hi! I’m Archie, originally from Milton Keynes and one of the logistic coordinators here at Speakers Corner.

Before Speakers Corner, I spent almost 6 years at EasyJet, split evenly between cabin crew and operations, with the latter proving handy experience to have.

Usually, when not in the office, you can find me either wearing lounge wear watching crap TV or football (sometimes the same thing), or attempting to dress nicely searching for bar, pub, gig or festival (usually something disco). I’m also studying international studies part-time so can also be found researching something political.

I’m a huge dog fan, we have a Collie at home, Lola, who drives all of us insane but also melts our hearts, so endless nature walks are always trying to be had, time and weather permitting (she hates being wet).

That’s me!

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them” – Maya Angelou

Team Members

Lucy Baily

Head of Business Development and Key Client Management

Lois Bird

Event Manager

Lucy Can

Social Media Manager

Poonam Douglas

Executive Assistant

Effie Gerez

Event Manager

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Head of Event Management

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Director - Account Management and Marketing

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Managing Director

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Head of Finance

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Account Manager

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Head of Operations

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Head of Marketing

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Head of Account Management

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Sydney - The Dog

In Charge

Dom Wiseman

Account Manager

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