Dom Wiseman

Account Manager

South coast boy, born and raised decided to take the journey North to London (London being as north as us southerners dare to go) over a decade ago and never looked back! 

Have managed to acquire a range of useful skills and life lessons that are now invaluable in my role as an Account Manager at Speakers Corner. From my time in property, I’ve developed my communication skills allowing me to create a natural rapport with clients. I’ve been tested with deadlines and the importance of planning during my time as a Developer and now I’m constantly challenged and inspired in my day to day and have the luxury of enjoying what I do!

Big sports enthusiast that tries to play as much as I watch! Would argue I’m a good golfer until the day of the game, to which I then counter argue my incompetence. Play Football as much as I can and reluctantly dust the Rugby boots off when called upon.

‘gimme?’ - Every golfer

Team Members

Lucy Baily

Head of Business Development and Key Client Management

Lois Bird

Event Manager

Lucy Can

Social Media Manager

Poonam Douglas

Executive Assistant

Effie Gerez

Event Manager

Michael Gillen

Head of Event Management

Tim Gold

Director - Account Management and Marketing

Nick Gold

Managing Director

Archie Grant

Event Manager

Paula Hastie

Head of Finance

Charlie Kemp

Account Manager

Monica Kiaka

Finance Assistant

Rebecca Matthews

Head of Operations

Scarlet McKeown

Account Manager

Moe Musa

Financial Administrator

Rob Newton

Head of Marketing

Zoe Phillips

Account Manager

James Price

Account Manager

Dan Risner

Head of Account Management

Kia Speary

Account Assistant

Sydney - The Dog

In Charge

Speakers Corner (London) Ltd, Unit 31,
Highbury Studios,
10 Hornsey Street,
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