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Adam Cuthbert

Head of Account Management

Originally from Wolverhampton in the heart of the West Midlands, I am the guy that brings a bit of ‘rough and ready’ charm to the Speakers Corner office. After finishing a degree in acting (as an acting course had no written exams), I found out quite quickly that I was more suited to the business side of the creative industry.

After a few in-between jobs, I found myself in front of Nick and Tim and have not looked back. The Head of Account Managment role is pretty much my dream job! Not only do I get to deal with all sorts of great clients but I get to listen to some of the world’s greatest speakers and entertainers.

I have many passions in my life… my girlfriend, pasta, TV, gin... However you cannot beat a night out or a golf tour with the lads. I wouldn’t describe myself as the life and soul of the party, simply as there is not a party until I get there.

I have numerous doppel-gangers, Angel from Buffy, James Corden but I most look like Ryan Reynolds (so my sister tells me) and I like to live my life as one of his characters did:

“Don’t take life too seriously… You’ll never get out alive”

 - Van Wilder, Party Liasion

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    Alisha Eberle
    Event Coordinator

  • Anna Marshall Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Anna Marshall
    Event Coordinator

  • Charlotte Sheridan Thumbnail - Head of Marketing

    Charlotte Sheridan
    Head of Marketing

  • Dave Ford Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Dave Ford
    Event Coordinator

  • Debbie Price Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Debbie Price
    Account Manager

  • Elizabeth Staiano Thumbnail - Marketing Executive

    Elizabeth Staiano
    Marketing Executive

  • Helena Horesh Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Helena Horesh
    Event Coordinator

  • Jaden Warner Thumbnail - Finance Admin Assistant

    Jaden Warner
    Finance Admin Assistant

  • Louise Wafer Thumbnail - Office Manager

    Louise Wafer
    Office Manager

  • Lucy Musselwhite Thumbnail - Content Editor

    Lucy Musselwhite
    Content Editor

  • Lucy Baily Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Lucy Baily
    Account Manager

  • Meet The Team Thumbnail - The Team

    Meet The Team
    The Team

  • Nick Gold Thumbnail - Managing Director and Chairman, EASB

    Nick Gold
    Managing Director and Chairman, EASB

  • Paula Hastie Thumbnail - Finance Manager

    Paula Hastie
    Finance Manager

  • Rebecca Matthews Thumbnail - Head of Logistics

    Rebecca Matthews
    Head of Logistics

  • Sydney (The Dog) Thumbnail - In Charge

    Sydney (The Dog)
    In Charge

  • This Could be You Thumbnail -

    This Could be You

  • Tim Gold Thumbnail - Director - Account Management and Marketing

    Tim Gold
    Director - Account Management and Marketing

  • Verity Baynton Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Verity Baynton
    Account Manager

Adam Cuthbert recommends:

  • James Lohan

    The gentleman entrepreneur – James tells the ‘story of Smith’ with humour and character. He speaks with passion and a human element which connects you immediately.

  • Jonathan MacDonald

    Prepare your mind for blowing! Jonathan speaks with such authority and clarity on the wonders of the future, a necessity for any business or company to listen to him and prepare for where they should be going!

  • Jamil Qureshi

    A fantastic personal story is amplified by his charm and scientific beliefs, not to mention some great anecdotes involving the world’s sporting stars. The results speak for themselves!

  • Akala

    Relevant, cool and so intelligent – Akala will make you think, make you laugh, make you cry and even throw in some freestyling.

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