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Alisha Eberle

Event Coordinator

Hi, I’m Alisha and I’m part of the logistics team!

I grew up in Berlin with a German mother and an American father. Berlin is a great city to grow up in but I always knew I wanted to see more of the world.

I was in the middle of writing my college applications for American Universities when I decided to go on an impromptu visit to see my brother who was studying at Glasgow University at the time. I immediately fell in the love with the student life in Glasgow and vowed to go to university nowhere else. After four turbulent and incredible years there, it was time to move on to bigger things.

Now in London, I'm excited to be part of the Speakers Corner team and to take on all the fun challenges of the City.

The best thing about living in the UK is the pub culture, which is where you might find me on a Friday evening (or any other day of the week). There’s just nothing better than relaxing with some friends in a cosy pub, having a pint and possibly snacking on a scotch egg or some crisps.

Besides my love for beer, I am a huge fan of dogs! As they say, there’s no love like a dog’s love. I am therefore very privileged to be living with a beautiful black Labrador and a scruffy little dachshund. 

“Everyone needs a fantasy” – Andy Warhol 

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