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Debbie Price

Account Manager

Having worked as a freelancer in television production for a number of years, I decided to head down South....to Australia. There I had my first foray into the Speaker Bureau industry – and I haven’t looked back (although I admit I do pine for the Aussie sun from time to time!).

I am passionate about this industry because of the huge variety of interesting speakers and topics. I continue to learn something new every day and I truly believe that a speaker can make an event memorable for all the right reasons!

My other passions in life are my friends and family – as well as good food, good wine and really good chocolate. (In fact, it doesn’t even have to be really good, any chocolate will do!)

"It is not impossible, it has just never been done before"

- Miles Hilton-Barber

  • Adam Cuthbert Thumbnail - Head of Account Management

    Adam Cuthbert
    Head of Account Management

  • Alisha Eberle Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Alisha Eberle
    Event Coordinator

  • Anna Marshall Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Anna Marshall
    Event Coordinator

  • Charlotte Sheridan Thumbnail - Head of Marketing

    Charlotte Sheridan
    Head of Marketing

  • Dave Ford Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Dave Ford
    Event Coordinator

  • Elizabeth Staiano Thumbnail - Marketing Executive

    Elizabeth Staiano
    Marketing Executive

  • Helena Horesh Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Helena Horesh
    Event Coordinator

  • Jaden Warner Thumbnail - Finance Admin Assistant

    Jaden Warner
    Finance Admin Assistant

  • Louise Wafer Thumbnail - Office Manager

    Louise Wafer
    Office Manager

  • Lucy Musselwhite Thumbnail - Content Editor

    Lucy Musselwhite
    Content Editor

  • Lucy Baily Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Lucy Baily
    Account Manager

  • Meet The Team Thumbnail - The Team

    Meet The Team
    The Team

  • Nick Gold Thumbnail - Managing Director and Chairman, EASB

    Nick Gold
    Managing Director and Chairman, EASB

  • Paula Hastie Thumbnail - Finance Manager

    Paula Hastie
    Finance Manager

  • Rebecca Matthews Thumbnail - Head of Logistics

    Rebecca Matthews
    Head of Logistics

  • Sydney (The Dog) Thumbnail - In Charge

    Sydney (The Dog)
    In Charge

  • This Could be You Thumbnail -

    This Could be You

  • Tim Gold Thumbnail - Director - Account Management and Marketing

    Tim Gold
    Director - Account Management and Marketing

  • Verity Baynton Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Verity Baynton
    Account Manager

Debbie Price recommends:

  • Bianca Miller-Cole

    A successful business woman who exudes positivity and confidence, Bianca took a big risk going on The Apprentice because she already had a well-established business - but it paid off! Bianca will listen to a client brief and tailor her speech accordingly and she receives nothing but great feedback.

  • Linda Moir

    You would never know Linda has held such top jobs by her down to earth, warm personality and when she came to visit us in the office, she bought a tin of homemade cupcakes!

  • Andrew Scott

    Andrew has such a great presenting style which is relaxed yet informative - and he has a structure to his speech which means he gets all his points across but in an interesting way. Andrew can tailor his speech on the global/local economy and policies to suit any audience. He gets people to start thinking about topics such as business cycles, forecasting, fiscal/monetary policy, financial markets, the stock exchange – as well as sustainability, demographic change, value shifts, the future of finance and the future of cities.

  • Gavin Esler

    Gavin has a lovely, down to earth presence and presenting style. He doesn't read from the lectern, he engages the audience and is very open and honest when asked questions from the audience. His speech about leadership and trust, using examples of high profile leaders he has interviewed is fascinating.

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