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Lucy Musselwhite

Content Editor

As Content Editor, I write and maintain our speaker biographies and make sure the website makes sense for users! This means I'm often spotted researching synonyms for 'inspirational', getting emotional about comma usage, and heading out to the local coffee shop.

After working for couple of tech startups, I knew that I loved a small, friendly team who are passionate about what they do. It was also very important to me that I work somewhere with good office snacks.

I grew up in Kent, but now that I've moved to London I feel like I’ve been here for my whole life! I love to experience new places and meet unusual people, something that inspired me to run away to Australia for a year (to, um, ‘find myself’) where I definitely caught the travel bug.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching friends politely try to eat the interesting food I cook (‘banana chicken à la Lucy’ is a particular non-hit), training for crazy sports events like Tough Mudder following dares by sceptics ("but you get a stitch walking up the stairs, Luce..."), and reading autobiographies of inspiring individuals!

"If you have to ask, you'll never know"

Angelica Pickles   




  • Adam Cuthbert Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Adam Cuthbert
    Account Manager

  • Anna Marshall Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Anna Marshall
    Event Coordinator

  • Charlotte Sheridan Thumbnail - Head of Marketing and Account Management

    Charlotte Sheridan
    Head of Marketing and Account Management

  • Dave Ford Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Dave Ford
    Event Coordinator

  • Debbie Price Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Debbie Price
    Account Manager

  • Elizabeth Staiano Thumbnail - Marketing Executive

    Elizabeth Staiano
    Marketing Executive

  • Helena Horesh Thumbnail - Event Coordinator

    Helena Horesh
    Event Coordinator

  • Louise Wafer Thumbnail - Office Manager

    Louise Wafer
    Office Manager

  • Lucy Baily Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Lucy Baily
    Account Manager

  • Meet The Team Thumbnail - The Team

    Meet The Team
    The Team

  • Nick Gold Thumbnail - Managing Director and Chairman, EASB

    Nick Gold
    Managing Director and Chairman, EASB

  • Paula Mahmassani Thumbnail - Finance Manager

    Paula Mahmassani
    Finance Manager

  • Rebecca Matthews Thumbnail - Head of Logistics

    Rebecca Matthews
    Head of Logistics

  • Sydney (The Dog) Thumbnail - In Charge

    Sydney (The Dog)
    In Charge

  • This Could be You Thumbnail -

    This Could be You

  • Tim Gold Thumbnail - Director - Account Management and Marketing

    Tim Gold
    Director - Account Management and Marketing

  • Verity Baynton Thumbnail - Account Manager

    Verity Baynton
    Account Manager

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