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Paula Hastie

Finance Manager

Hello, I’m Paula Hastie. I am the first and only Glaswegian residing at Speakers Corner and moved to the big bad city 10 years ago.

I grew up mad about Johnny Depp, Busted and rescuing as many stray animals as possible. At my peak, I had 7 hamsters, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 4 beautiful goldfish, which were named after the characters of South Park. Life did imitate art and sadly my cat killed Kenny. I still blame myself.

I was educated at Hutchesons’ Grammar School on the south side or “Hutchie” as us cool kids would call it. Always a fan of horror films, I headed straight to college to study Film Prosthetics and Fashion Makeup at Clydebank.

After my scary move to London, I had a change of heart and moved into the Media industry for 3 years. Following an epiphany, I eventually found my way to Speakers Corners and its abundance of cakes. I now spend most of my evenings in the gym.

As our Finance Manager, I try hard to spend as much money as possible on needless gadgets. Did you know you can get a Magic Wand Salt & Pepper shaker? Here at Speakers Corner, you can have a bit of magic with every meal.

When I am not focused on some sort of spreadsheet, you can usually find me baking and experimenting with new recipes, at the cinema, theatre or catching up on all my favourite TV shows. If you haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy or the Vampire Diaries yet, get a move on! Please feel free to contact me for my top ten recommendations.

I am still passionate about animals, so I am using this space to give a big “HELLO” to Alfie – the world’s best pet.

“My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am.”

- Anonymous

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