Meet the team

Poonam Douglas

Executive Assistant

Hello, I’m Poonam. 

I have worked as any EA for many (many) years in a corporate environment and, now in the creative environment of Speakers Corner, I’m so excited about not having to wear a suit anymore!

Although I have an Indian heritage, I was born and raised in West London and my mum was born in Kenya so I have a very multi-cultural background – though please don’t ask me to speak any foreign languages… I am limited to counting from 1 to 10 and Hakuna Matata (thank you Mum and Timon & Pumbaa).   

I have two kids, two cats and 5 goldfish and I have been banned from adopting anymore pets from my “boss” at home. 

My passions are: London, travel (pre-kids: rainforests and wildlife, post-kids: child-friendly resorts, zoos and theme parks), the theatre and coffee (I have never had a cup of “builders” tea).  My dislikes are: horror movies/stories, air conditioning, peas and reality TV. 

When I am not trying to organise my boss at work, you will find me trying to organise my family and being outdoors – walking, on a narrow boat or just looking for wildlife anywhere.  Though it’s not easy handling a toddler and binoculars at the same time. 

“Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it” - Roald Dahl

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