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Olympic & Paralympic athletics coach Keith Antoine combines performance improvement, with team management. Having a history in business management, Keith shares his knowledge from this field in the sporting one, securing success as he has personally coached Paralympic athletes to Gold and Silver medals in both London 2012 and Rio 2016. Clear and professional, Keith is an excellent addition to the corporate circuit.

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"His speech was perfectly aimed at motivating individuals who might otherwise feel that they had 'run out of steam'. Positive feedback!"
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Keith Antoine is a performance coach who uses performance data to achieve marginal gains. He has over 10 years experience in the computer and telecommunications industries, with roles ranging from technical operations to project management, primarily with CASE Communications and NCR Corporation. During the early 1990s Keith moved from technical development, to people development, as he joined The Learning Partnership (later the Covey Leadership Centre UK).

During this time, Keith’s development as a Track and Field athletics coach also progressed rapidly. He was the sprints/hurdles/relays coach for the Midlands from the mid-80s to early 90s. He was also the Great Britain national coach for various sprint and relay events from 1990-95, as well as being personal coach to many international athletes, and World Championship and Olympic medal winners. Keith also spent 6 years from 2000 as the National Disability Sprints Coach through the Sydney & Athens Paralympics.

Keith has worked with athletes for 5 Olympic and Paralympic Games, coaching his athletes to break world records, and achieve gold and silver medals in the Paralympic Games in both London 2012 and Rio 2016.

The combination of corporate and athletics experience has produced a talent for high-energy, motivational presentations. Keith goes beyond telling motivational stories, he uses examples and anecdotes from sport and business to cause an audience to self-generate practical ideas with the express intention of enabling individuals and organisations to make a difference to their performance. He transfers his knowledge of data in sport to the business context to enable companies to manage performance, develop their people, drive efficiency, have challenging conversations, and reach the next level.

Rapidly creating the same reputation as a coach in business as he has in the world of athletics, Keith’s practical approach is engaging and interactive, challenging and fun; sometimes getting the entire audience physically involved. This same approach is applied to his executive and team coaching, and workshop sessions.

As a performance coach, improving individual and organisational performance is what Keith does best. Keith speaks with insight and experience into the Olympic journey as a coach from London 2012 to Rio 2016.

Olympic & Paralympic athletics coach Keith Antoine’s focus is on performance improvement, of individuals and teams. Driving efficiency and organisational management, he is a motivational business speaker of the highest calibre.

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  • "His speech was perfectly aimed at motivating individuals who might otherwise feel that they had 'run out of steam'. Positive feedback!"
  • East Thames

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