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Brothers Rob & Paul created the footwear brand Gandys and the Orphans for Orphans movement. After being orphaned in 2004, when they tragically lost their parents in the Boxing Day tsunami, they decided to establish a brand in their parents’ name. Growing the business into a global sensation, the brothers work to fund and open children’s homes in deprived regions of the world, alongside promoting an unconventional style of entrepreneurialism.

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Brothers Rob and Paul created the footwear brand Gandys and the Orphans for Orphans movement. After losing their parents in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and whilst travelling and volunteering in South East Asia, the young brothers wanted to create a social enterprise in which they design footwear that then enables them to fund the building of kids campuses that can deliver medication, nutrition, and education to fellow orphans and deprived children.

Having always had a bohemian upbringing, they wanted to establish a brand which married together their personal past and passions for travelling, culture and ethical working.

Gandys is now a fast-growing fashion phenomenon, that has their flip flop designs stocked in many of the leading retailers of the world, and they have broken into the fashion market too. Neither Rob nor Paul believe ‘achievement’ comes from being at a desk five days a week and in addition to working flexibly for balance, they regularly take time out to travel enjoying different cultures as they did as children and finding inspiration for new designs.

Ambassadors for the brand include Sir Richard Branson, and Prince Harry who support the social mission of the business. They have also featured in countless mainstream press pieces including The Daily Mail, Sunday Express, the Metro and Evening Standard, as well as being featured on both the BBC and Sky News on several different occasions. To mark the 10-year anniversary of the Tsunami the brothers shared their unique life experiences in a book which charts their course from struggle to survival.

Rob works alongside his team to help create a better future for the less fortunate. Able to share his inspirational story and business learnings, Rob is an ideal speaker for the corporate circuit.

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  • "Excellent and really inspiring"
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