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A change management expert, Alan also talks about 'obsessive customer service', retail thinking,and high performance strategies to grow your business. He took on the challenge of turning around the ‘sleeping giant’ that was Selfridges, and as a result achieved the title of Best Department Store in the World.

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A change management expert , Alan gained his front line management experience initially in retail then as a distributor in Homewares, Hair and Beauty and Coffee. He took on the challenge of turning around the ‘sleeping giant’ that was Selfridges, and as a result achieved the official title of Best Department Store in the World. Alan covers a host of topics ranging from developing an obsessive customer service  culture to the Selfridges story and the future of retail .

Alan’s move to the world of Change Management  Consulting, and his subsequent MBA, endowed him with a knowledge and vision of the ever-growing speed, volume and complexity of change issues faced by businesses of every field and every size.

Working across the globe, Alan’s work with businesses has involved him strategically sitting on boards and Exec teams, where he has supported and challenged organisations to develop strategy, and to implement effective leadership.

His experience on the ground coupled with well tested Growth Strategies, complement his natural skill of steering a successful path, regardless of obstacles, and achieving measurable results.

Alan’s business acumen allows him to facilitate multi-million euro businesses to achieve incredible results. His experience includes B2B and B2C organisations across the spectrum of industry.

In 2004, Selfridges was a ‘sleeping giant’. When Alan was called in, the potential was huge, but results were frustratingly unimpressive. His ideas for change were groundbreaking and ultimately the store was awarded official title of Best Department Store in the World. It has grown by 230%. 20 years later Alan continues to work with the Selfridges Group.

His experience in retail spans fashion  and food ; mass and luxury, and down-town to travel retail  - in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. He has identified key characteristics of the best retailers in the world, including complete focus on the customer and keeping up with the pace of change. His ideas are sophisticated and practical, and are made possible with a high-performance culture.

Alan's practical and commercial focus will guide your organisation to further growth. Alan has a reputation for making the complex simple, for being down-to-earth and practical, with a commercial focus that brings everything back to the customer. Whether the issues are about vision, strategy or structure, or high performance culture, leadership , or customer service  - Alan uses stories, models and real-life case studies to bring about change.

Outisde of retail, Alan’s experience includes working with giants such as AIB Bank, Bulmers, Chevron, Glanbia, Intel, Kizad, Lavazza, Nissan, Symantec, Vodafone etc., where he brings discipline, common sense and rigour to their activities.

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•     Change Management
•    High Performance Culture
•     Customer Service
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