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Ranulph Fiennes Releases New Book ‘Cold’

28th November 2013

The UK’s favourite adventurer and popular keynote speaker, Sir Ranulph Fiennes has released his new book  titled ‘Cold’ and it focuses on the expeditions he has done in cold places over the last forty years.

Ranulph did a recent interview regarding his new book and his career over the last forty years, he was asked what his favourite exhibition was and he replied saying that it was a 52,000 mile journey that him and the team completed in the 1970’s and it took them three years in total.

In the interview Ranulph states that he has no regrets regarding The Coldest Journey expedition where he lost some of his fingers to frostbite, before the incident he refused to use artificial warmth but now, due to the damage he will use battery powered gloves.

Ranulph was asked what he loved the most about exploring, to which he replied ‘It’s quite competitive. Our group has become competitive with other groups-most of whom come from Scandinavia...We’re on websites for many schools in Britain and teachers love it. It’s fresh, unusual and full of educational information about polar things.’

Ranulph also stated that there are more expeditions that himself and the team would like to do, however they prefer to keep it to themselves in case the Norwegians attempt to do it first. Regarding the Norwegians he also stated ‘they probably help us to be more energetic in our attempts.’

Ranulph’s new book ‘Cold’ is out now and published by Simon and Schuster.

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