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Women in Business

12th December 2013

We are used to relating female success to celebrities that are supermodels, popstars and reality TV stars; businesswomen tend to go under the radar and do not always receive the acknowledgment and praise they deserve.

Many women do not believe they have what it takes to succeed in the business world; however there are some incredible women who have shown the world that it is possible for females to take the lead. Some examples of these women are Karren Brady, Kanya King and Jo Swinson.

Keynote speaker Karren Brady is the Vice Chairman of West-Ham United and has spent most of her career working in a male dominated environment. She stated ‘Businesses can meet quotas by getting super-successful businesswomen like me on boards-it’s about us doing less and the women within the organisation being allowed to do more.’ Karren recognises the importance of supporting other women in the workplace and encouraging them to get involved, she said ‘If each of us can do one thing to help another woman professionally, then you’ve done a good days work.’

Woman have become more present in dominant business roles, however there is still an in-balance between them and their male counterparts. Kanya King is the Chief executive and founder of the Mobo awards and she states that although there are more opportunities out there for women, ‘it’s not a level playing field and you need to take things into your own hands and build your own networks-relationships are key to success.’

Jo Swinson has had an impressive career in politics and is a spokeswoman for women and equality; she became an MP at the age of 25 and is now expecting her first child. She has expressed her views that more women should be in parliament and she has also spoken about maternity leave and the new parental leave policy. Jo stated ‘from April 2015, it will be up to parents to choose how they want to split that time after the baby’s born...there are lots of good ideas out there and we need to encourage organisations to find their own solutions.’

These women are great examples of what can be achieved by both men and women and are great role models for women looking to work their way up the business ladder or start their own companies.

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